August 20, 2013

El Toro Unmasked!

Howdy Pirates,

I've been doing pretty good in Cool Ranch, I'm not too far in Cool Ranch but I'm doing pretty good at level well you'll know what level I am at the end of this post. :P I'm happy that Cool Ranch isn't too difficult. I know that I'll be questing here in Cool Ranch for awhile unless I make a bunch of posts since Cool Ranch is the longest world but I'm prepared and I'm ready to blog. :D On my last post, Santa Rana, I had to go to Castillo Sapo to defeat Santa Rana since he was doing something bad to the towns people of Santo Pollo. I found out Santa Rana was working with the Armada which makes it even worse and I had to defeat him since he was. Before I could defeat Santa Rana he got away but today I had to talk to Don Rodrigo about the great news that we kinda defeated him.

Looks like its time to defeat Santa Rana... again! Before we do fight Santa again.. I was wondering how Don Rodrigo knew that I defeated him before. I was thinking that maybe pirates have cell phones and he got the news early before I could deliver the letter of good news to him. LOL. Well you'll have see when we ask him after we defeat Santa again. :P


I didn't take any pictures of the battle since I'm sure you already knew I would have problem defeating Santa Rana again but... Did you ever think Don Rodrigo was El Toro. I guess Don Rodrigo was hidden behind the mask all along. I couldn't believe I was the one that got to unmask him and of all pirates the first pirate to unmask him. I wonder what he has to say about this? He's kept his secret this long and I was the first unmask him (well maybe the millionth pirate to unmask him)! 

Well.. I guess I can start calling him El Toro... maybe not out loud or everyone will find out exactly who he is and I'm sure he doesn't want this since he's kept this secret for this long! I can't wait until the next post to finally ask El Toro about Captain Blood's secret lair. I leveled to level 22 in this post and so far every blog post I've made.. I've leveled! Lets hope I level to 23 in the next post. I'll see ya next time pirates!

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