August 24, 2013

Where's Captain Blood's Lair?

Howdy Pirates,

Its been a few days since I last blogged because I was questing ahead on my Swashbuckler and taking pictures for future posts. I usually quest a day before or even on the same day and then make my Edward Cringle posts but this time I didn't. I'm not going to stop making posts though, I decided to only include the dialog and then possibly tomorrow including the quest itself where I have to battle a bunch of enemies since this would have been a very long post with a lot of pictures! If you haven't read my last post, you should before you start reading this one! To refresh your memory, on my last quest I had to talk to Don Rodrigo to tell him that we defeated Santa Rana, we didn't really defeat him though. I found out that Don Rodrigo is EL TORO (music plays). I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize this earlier. Kidding! I actually knew since I quested through Cool Ranch on my Witchdoctor. :D We had to defeat Santa Rana again and made it through. I stopped at the part where he was finally going to discuss Captain Blood's Lair with me.

Being a Hero for nothing?! Just kidding. Its good to be a hero and you should expect nothing in return. I just can't believe he doesn't know anything though. RIP to your father and I'll go talk to the Bison to learn more information. WAIT A MINUTE. The Bison? I thought we had trouble with them a few posts back? This isn't going to be good... I don't know if I should include that part in my post or not... Okay maybe not since this is a small update. I promise posts will be back the way they were soon! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you reading next time. Oh... I better tell you this before I forget. I added a new thing on my site where you could tell me how my posts are. If you scroll down, above the comments you'll see Reactions. You can judge what you think of the post so I know how I'm doing on my posts and see what I can improve. If you click on terrible that's okay, I'll just improve my posts and that's what I'm aiming for if I do need to. Please vote what you think of my posts if you can! Thanks again. :D

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