August 16, 2013

Keeping your Wizard101 Account Safe!

I've been wanting to make this post about Account Security for awhile and I know Kingsisle has made quite a few posts on their site about Account Safety so I decided to make a post also. Why do I need to make a blog post about account safety? Well.. I think its important that everyone knows how to keep their account safe from password takers (aka- hackers). If you give away your password for crowns, memberships or whatever someone asks for, all you're doing is giving away your account and your account will be banned. Kingsisle gives you an account password for a reason and they tell everyone every time they log onto Wizard101 to never give away their password. I've been on Wizard101 well over 1000 times and I read that I should never give away my password 1000 times so that means I won't ever give away my account. What ways can you keep your account safe without losing your wizard? I have a few Q&A's below that I think will help you if you want to keep your Wizard.

Question: What should I do when someone tells me they'll give me crowns or a membership if I give them my account information?

Answer: Tell them you're not giving away your password because Kingsisle says so every time you log on the game. The only thing you're going to do is lose your wizard forever. Don't give away your account to someone that won't gift you. Your account might/will be banned if you do.

Question: If someone claiming to be Kingsisle is asking for my account password should I give it to them?

Answer: NO! I've had trouble with people pretending to be me and say they work at Kingsisle. They're pretending so they can get your account information. The only thing they are going to do is ban your account. The only way you should ask for their badge is on the game itself if they say they're, and Kingsisle will NEVER ask for your password. Don't give your password to anyone. You need to keep your password safe and please don't give it up for anything!

Question: I really do want crowns or crown items, are there ways I could get free crowns without worrying about my account security?

Answer: You can view all of the official fansites for contests. If one of your friends says they'll give you a free membership card code/crown code such as ones from gamestop that would seem okay. Don't accept if they say they'll redeem it themselves by logging onto your account. Please keep your password safe and in your hands. 

Question: Should I trust any websites/blogs that hack Kingsisle to give me free crowns/ sites that ask for my password?

Answer: NO! You will be banned if you trust any sites that hack. You'll also be banned if you give away your password to someone. Kingsisle warns you everyday not to give away your password and you should know that. If there's a site you'd like to report, send link of the website to Kingsisle,

Question: Where exactly does Kingsisle warn us not to give away our account password?

Answer: There are so many places that Kingsisle warns us about account safety. One place is right when you log in with the log in screen of Wizard101. You'll see right above before you log in that you shouldn't give away your account (click on image below).

As you can see, if you don't give away your password you'll get to keep your wizard.. well, as long as you don't use bad language, bully or anything that goes against Wizard101's Terms of Use. Please keep your account safe. I've made many posts about this and Kingsisle has also warned everyone so there's no way you could say you haven't read that you shouldn't share your password with anyone. I know I said this was only going to be a post about Account Safety but I think I should include links to great online safety posts and links to posts from Kingsisle about account security. I'll label all of the links so you'll know exactly where you're going and what you're reading. If you were wondering before you if should share your password or not with anyone, this post should tell you that you shouldn't. I'm not speaking for Kingsisle by saying this but I think close family that plays Wizard101 with you counts as okay to share your password with. If it's "friends" or a stranger you shouldn't share your password with them or you'll have a chance of being banned if they take your account! Here's the links of great posts from Kingsisle and online safety posts from bloggers that I think you should read. Please try to click on all of the links I'm going to list below, they might help you and save your wizard.

Update: I decided to make this online safety post fun and see who can view the online safety post most, Wizards or Pirates? I gave Wizards a day head start so whoever has the most views on the online safety posts by next Friday at 2:00 P.M. CST will become the winners of this badge:

Wizard Masterminds of Online Safety

Pirate Masterminds of Online Safety

They are fake badges just for fun. I'm hoping somehow both pirates and wizards will win. We'll have to see though, I'm counting on all of you to read this entire post though not just click on the post over and over again. Thank you for reading this online safety post and good luck!

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Well I would like credit for both :D
Also: Stars of the Spiral had a great contest recently about safety and the entries are fabulous. Yea there were only 6 winners but all the entries had wonderful safety tips. Please add it to your list.
Chrissy The Blesser