August 13, 2013

Leveling through Atlantea with Ian and Autumn!

Hello Wizards,

Yesterday I had another chance to level with Ian and Autumn through one of the new Aquila dungeons, Atlantea. This dungeon was a lot more difficult since it's for level 70+ wizards. I don't think it was so difficult that we wouldn't make it through dungeon, only a lot more since some of the bosses were confusing/cheated. Before I start the post.. I'd like to thank Ian and Autumn for waiting for me so I could level with them. I was having so many computer problems that I was worried I wouldn't be able to level with them through the dungeon but Morganthe finally lifted her curse from my computer and I finally got online and caught up to them.. so thank you Ian and Autumn!

Attacking the first shark lady of the dungeon. Sorry I can't remember names!
Healing Bunny Lord during the second battle. :P
Smile for the Camera! :)
Autumn using Sabertooth on the third battle. That looks painful!
I made a terrible mistake and we had to fight this fire/storm siren...
Yeah.. I'm starting to think you love the camera! 
Goodbye Siren!
The 4th battle? Hitting forgot her name with a Centaur :P
Ian showing that Ice Kraken who's boss..
Autumn hitting Poseidon with Sabertooth
Poseidon hitting Autumn :O

I had to buy a fire minion to help us with the last fight since Ian couldn't put storm converts on Poseidon which is strange. I guess storm wizards won't be too lucky when entering this dungeon and fighting Poseidon. Good luck to all who try to. I believe this fight wasn't too bad since I kept healing everyone, overhealing and we all made it through this battle with full health. You can ask Autumn or Ian how much I healed them and they'll probably say... A LOT! :P I'm glad I'm a better life than I thought I was which is great. Yes I hit and healed so much that I was very tired when I logged off. At the end of the day though, I had a chance to get another great picture with a few of my best friends. :D

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