August 22, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm: Henchmen!

Ahoy Pirates,

Pirate101 announced that they are releasing henchmen to help pirates with their battles. We'll need to test all of the great new henchmen before its released to the live realm by downloading and logging onto the Pirate101 Test Realm. I'm very glad to hear that Kingsisle is releasing henchmen on Pirate101 also. I think this will help a lot when all of yer companions are defeated and yer the last one left worried if ye'll be defeated or not. Looks like we won't have to worry about something like that happening to us once the Henchmen are released to the live realm. I quested on the Test Realm a bit to test out some of the new new henchmen, here's a few pictures and more information about the Henchmen.

Level 65 Witchdoctor Girl Henchmen

The henchmen range from levels 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65. There's girl and boy henchmen to pick from. The first step to buy henchmen is to click on the Crowns Shop Icon. Then you'll see a new Icon (see image below) and you'll have to click on that to buy a henchmen. Henchmen can only be bought during battle so you can't buy them any other time. I spent 750 crowns on my henchmen above but she's a witchdoctor and she can help with huge fights in Marleybone and Aquila when I get there. There's no level limit on buying a henchmen so that means you can buy whatever level henchmen you feel like buying. Edward Cringle leveled through and defeated Santa Rana again to test out the henchmen and it went by fast! I also found out Don Rodrigo is El Toro a second time, along with leveling to 22 a second time and defeating Santa a third time! :P If you have no idea what I'm talking about: El Toro Unmasked. Okay back to the henchmen! I think its a great idea KI added the henchmen to the crowns shop, they'll help a lot and I know this from experience from Wizard101. The only different thing is that you get to pick the attacks you want your henchmen to attack and attack the enemies you want to attack. I think this a great! If you'd like to learn more about the henchmen and a few more updates of the Test Realm, click on the image below!

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