August 21, 2013

Questing in Azteca

Hello Wizards!

I know I told you I wouldn't blog about my character Edward Storgem until I made it halfway through Azteca but I really wanted to give all of you an update on my storm wizard and Melissa Rainstrider, my sister's ice wizard. We leveled through a few areas of Azteca and really haven't had too much problem so far and its going pretty fast leveling through since I can use tempest on all of the enemies and my sister usually uses snow angel if its just random enemies and Mammoth for one main boss. I don't think its too difficult and can't wait to level through again. We can't level anymore much now since she had to go back to school but I'm hoping on the weekends when she's not busy we can level again. Here's a few pictures of we powerful wizards questing through Azteca. :P

I cast Leviathan on Belloq, the first one... not the tough one!

Sirens. Gotta love that spell!
Fighting another boss in Mangrove Marsh!

My sister made it to level 83 while questing which is awesome. I made it to level 83 on the last post before her since I started doing side quests. Sometimes side quests help a lot and that's why I always try to find them and complete them on all of my wizards. Anyways.. I'll make a post sometime later.. right now I really don't know the next time we're going to level but she ran out of crowns and can't buy another area so we'll have to continue questing probably closer to Christmas. 

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