August 14, 2013

Santo Pollo's Strongbox

Howdy Pirates!

On my last Edward Cringle blog post, Serena or Selena, Don Oscar Gutierrez sent me on a quest to rescue a bride named Serena that was kidnapped by the banditoads. I defeated a few Banditoads and one of them, Lumpy Varga, said that a guy named Froggo Villa abducted Serena on her wedding day. I had to go to the Banditoad Trail to a cave where Froggo Villa was keeping Serena. Froggo had a lot of enemies protecting him, I had no problem defeating them. After I defeated Froggo he actually wanted to join my crew! After rescuing Serena I ran back to Don and he told me that he is worried all of Santo Pollo is in mortal danger...

If you read my last post you'll remember that Froggo told me that El Guapo was in charge of abducting Serena. I'm beginning to think this was all set up so they could steal the Strongbox that's full of Santo Pollo's money while everyone was trying to find Serena. Hmm.. Well I think we'll have to teach them a El Guapo a lesson.

Looks like we have a lot of guard towers to destroy before we teach El Guapo a lesson!

I love this crab. He's epic!
Froggo Villa attacking one of his partner in crime LOL.. well kinda?
That looks painful!

I'm not going to post all of the pictures of the guard tower fights but you should know I didn't die once. Although.. on the last picture above all of my companions died and I was the last one alive. I was worried I wouldn't make it and that'd make this blog post... awkward? I didn't die though which is great!

Getting ready to go in to fight El Guapo!
:O El Toro, you look familiar! Hmm.. I'm glad you're finally helping!
I love damage protection!
El Toro hitting one of the enemies with a Critical!
Another El Toro Critical. He's epic!

That was a fun day of questing and wow El Toro looks familiar doesn't he? :D I'm upset El Guapo got away but he should know we'll defeat him again like we did this time. No one gets away from us! x evil laugh x I mean... Well I hope we defeat him next time and he's not powerful. We'll have to wait until next time to see what El Toro says. I think he has a lot of explaining to do having us do all of his work. Hmm.. Well I guess everyone does deserve a day off right? Until next time, I'll see y'all around the Spiral!

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