August 10, 2013

Serena or Selena?

Howdy Pirates!

A few days ago I leveled Edward Cringle in Santo Pollo skyway. I had to defeat a bunch of banditoad ships which were difficult in the end and I had help from Cole. After that I turned in the quest to Hector Varga and he sent me over to Don Oscar Gutierrez. Don told me banditoads ruined his daughter's wedding and that she's no where to be found and he believe they took her so that means I need to find and save her from the Banditoads.

Yes :D I have a new outfit!
Not a bad fight at all..
I defeated you- I can and will defeat him :D
You're worrying about me after I defeated you? :P

After I defeated Lumpy Varga, he told me that Froggo Villa took Serena to Banditoad Trail and he also warned me that if I follow Froggo it would be my defeat. I don't think its going to be bad as he says since I defeated him. I believe he's worried I'll defeat Froggo since I defeated him. :P After he told me this, I ran to the cave Froggo went to and started defeating the enemies in the front of the cave trying to protect him... I don't think I'm gonna have a funeral anytime soon if he needs this much protection..

This is one of many enemies trying to protect Froggo

After I defeated all of the enemies protecting him, I found Serena and Froggo - with more enemies. Don't worry its not going to be as bad as the frog before said it was going to be! It's time to confront him.

No, I had to go through all of your bodyguards first!
This is a lesson that I shouldn't be too proud!

At the end of the day Froggo Villa wasn't even a Frog, I guess he wanted to be? At least we got to save Serena and Froggo joined my crew! That's strange. I guess he can join though as long as he doesn't try to kill me. Well. That's one quest done, almost..  It's time to take Serena back to her Father.

No Problem :D
oh no

Thank you all for reading! I really enjoy making this blog posts and I hope you enjoy reading them. I had a feeling Don would send me on another quest though. We'll have to do that quest another day. From now on, when the next post is published you can click on the last image of each Edward Cringle post to read the next Edward Cringle post. In a few days I'll add this to every blog post I made for Edward Cringle. I hope this makes it easier for you to read all of the adventures I've been on and will be on in the future.


SorceressMiklai said... never said. Who do you prefer-Serena from P101 OR Selena from W101. Or do you think that they are secretly twins who don't know about each other and one was raised in the Wizardly Spiral while the other was brought up around the outlaw Pirates of the Skyways?

Maybe in the next KI 101 game they will be reunited! Hmmmm.... something to ponder.


Edward Lifegem said...

I think they are secretly twins! :P I mean look at them, they are both kidnapped. One by Crabs and another by Frogs LOL. They look alike also. :) And I left that up to everyone reading! Thanks for commenting :D