August 19, 2013

Why I think Hall Monitors are the Right Choice (Rant)

Hello Wizards,

Recently I've heard so many bad things about Hall Monitors and Kingsisle that I think its really... well I don't know how to put this. I think whoever talks bad about Kingsisle really doesn't support their game in the way it should be supported. Wizard101 is a very popular game and the only reason everyone gets upset that Kingsisle mutes or bans their account is because they think they can cuss and talk through text chat using bad words. There's so many words you can't even say that you could say before that are in yellow or red just because people in the commons ,where new wizards always go, have said bad things with it that they blocked it. Kingsisle has added Hall Monitors because of this and people get mad at Kingsisle and ask them why they were muted or banned. I think everyone needs to pay attention to the words they are typing before asking that question. If you call Kingsisle a bad company because of this, then you really don't deserve to play a great game like Wizard101. I understand that the punishments of a 10 year mute or longer needs to be a little shorter.. I'd say a year at the longest for someone that continues to use bad language. Maybe a 1 year ban also for worse. I do think anyone that's said a little bit bad language should be muted for a month so they can learn that they shouldn't say something like that on a family friendly game that Kingsisle has made. I love that this game is family friendly but when I see bullying and so much bad language when roaming through the commons there's just so much a person can take. I really do HATE it when I go through the commons and someone is bullying someone else or using so much bad language that all that shows up is dots or text chat with bad language. I believe in a few years words we an use now won't be used just because people in the commons won't stop using it every second. If you're reported on a false report, Kingsisle will know. If you're reported and muted then you said something because they do have a transcript of everything you've said. There's no way they would just mute you for no reason at all... this also counts for banning. If you don't wan to be banned or muted, then don't say something that will get you banned or muted. I think the Hall Monitors are the right choice for now to remind everyone that Wizard101 is a family friendly game. Thank you Kingsisle for stepping up and reminding everyone. What do you think about Hall Monitors? Let me know by commenting below. I'm asking for everyone's opinions since I let you know mine.

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Angel Ice said...

Well Hall Monitors is a good Idea! But I just have to say that there should be MORE Hall Monitors everywhere in the spiral not just the dye shop where most of them are at. I believe Kingsisle should place more monitors in places more wizards are in, like the arena.