August 23, 2013

Why so many Hoards on Wizard101? Send a few to Pirate101!

Hi there,

I've been thinking about this for the past... well few months.. Please don't take this the wrong way when I say this but... KINGSISLE, PLEASE RELEASE A HOARD FOR PIRATE101! I'm not trying to be rude or anything I just really think Pirate101 needs a few packs. I'm happy that they've added quite a few crown shop items and of course the new henchmen that we get to control on Pirate101 but I really want to see a new hoard for Pirate101. I already forgot some of the names of the hoards on Wizard101 which means they already have way too many. I was hoping the next hoard released would be for Pirate101 since we only have one hoard and Pirate101 has been out 10 months already. Wizard101 has received nearly 30 hoards in the past two years which is a crazy amount of hoards! I know we'll get hoards on the game but its sad when Wizard101 gets another when its only been a month, to me it feels like a week. This is starting to remind me of the world thing lol.. Calm down with the hoards! I love every piece of equipment, pets, mounts and even spells in the hoards but I think when one is released so close together it gets confusing unless its on Pirate101 since we only have one hoard to keep track of. :D I know the Pirate101 team is creative and I can't wait to see the next hoard, I just hope its soon and not after Wizard101 gets another 50,000 hoards. This has been a short rant post by Edward Lifegem. :{D I guess since I made a post about the hoards, I'll send you a link to the recent hoard. Click on the image above to look at the new hoard, well the new new hoard since one was released not long ago. :P Enjoy and I'm hoping to see one on Pirate101 soon....

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TheDrakeFlame said...

Kingsisle is probably trying to get more new content for Wizard101 as Aquila hasn't been much of a 'hit' as expected, from feedback I've read. However, I do agree..Wizard101 gets a new hoard, like every four months. It's time for Pirate101 to get one.