August 29, 2013

Wizard101 Raffle Contest Update

Hello Wizards,

I told you weeks ago that I'd make a contest update post so its not too confusing on the game when you redeem your gifts IF you win my Wizard101 Raffle Contest. I trust that you will not pretend to be anyone so you can get a free gift.. If you do you'll be banned from entering my major Wizard101 Contest! This post is only for the winners of the contest which will be announced tomorrow and the winners will be gifted the next day (Saturday August 31st at 4:00 P.M. CST-if you're busy please email me, only if you're VERY busy. I want to try to gift everyone in one day). Here's more information you'll need to know:

  • Don't Complain: If you win a prize, please don't complain that I'm taking too long. Its hard doing gifting contest- had trouble in the past- but I really wanted to have this Wizard101 Contest since I haven't had a Wizard101 Contest in so long. I'll gift you just please don't complain.
  • Don't Pretend: Don't Pretend to be someone else, if you do, I'll make sure you won't participate in the next Wizard101 Contest which will be an epic contest! If I see more than two people telling me they won, I'll find out who really won by asking them to email me with the email they entered with.
  • I'll Gift Everyone: I will give everyone who won the prizes by announcing the winners on my ice wizard, Edward Wintergem that's level 75. For Example: Edward Cringle, you won this prize.. please come up to me if you're the winner. Or I could just say first prize winner if you entered with your real name. I don't want everyone crowding me. I need time to gift and don't want to be crowded by everyone wanting their gifts. I might gift a different way- last prize winners first and then to the First Prize.. we'll see. If you have any questions just comment below!
  • If you can't arrive: If you can't arrive and you win the Raffle, please email me telling me you can't arrive today so I can gift you another day of your choice. I promise I will gift you but it has to be a time I'm available also so we'll discuss that through email ( 

MEET ME (Edward Wintergem): On the Rainbow Bridge 

Realm: Vampire Area One

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