August 2, 2013

Wizard101's Aquila Opens!

Hello Wizards,

I'm sure most of you are on Wizard101 questing through Aquila as I make this post... Or maybe you're seeing this and hoping that Wizard101 patches faster so you can log on to quest in Aquila. That's right, Aquila went live today! In Aquila there's three huge dungeons that last awhile but are fun for all levels. :D There's new weapons, gear, spells, minions and many more updates!

If you're level 30 or higher speak to Cyrus for a quest called "Quest for Glory". There are three different dungeons with this new world, one for level 30+ another for level 70+ and a last one for level 90 wizards. These three dungeons are a lot of fun and you get to see new enemies and a bunch of new attacks from bosses in the dungeons. I think you'll love this new world if you haven't had a chance to explore it yet so go ahead and log onto Wizard101 and explore this new awesome world! Click the image above for more information.

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