September 10, 2013

Edward Cringle Update

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made an Edward Cringle blog post and that's because I know the future (questing with Autumn Walker on our Musketeers) and its a crazy future. I believe Cool Ranch is going to get very difficult for my Swashbuckler and I'm worried that my posts might get confusing when I start questing again. I know its been awhile since I made blog posts that focus on Edward Cringle and I promise I will continue making them. I need time to figure out how I'm going to make these posts and how much pictures I should include with the posts. I've been thinking about taking out a lot of pictures of dialog and just typing exactly what I did that day when questing and posting a few pictures so y'all can see my character questing through his quest a bit. I think that'll be a great way of updating my Edward Cringle posts and I believe they will be a lot better than they have been. I'm also thinking about making these posts two times a week on Monday and Fridays, I'm going to think about it though. I think if I do that it might help me a lot when questing and it won't be as confusing or so much work to make these posts as much as I can. I will make posts in a week or so again so I can decide what exactly what I'm doing. If you ready every Edward Cringle post, don't worry I'm not going to stop blogging about Edward Cringle! :D I'll see y'all next time and stay safe in the Skyways!

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