September 7, 2013

Edward defeats Hydra with help from Autumn!

Ahoy Pirates!

Remember when I told you I was going to post about fighting Hydra on my Witchdoctor when I finally made it to the quest? Well I made it to the Hydra yesterday and I got to defeat him with help from Autumn Walker! Before I fought hydra I had to do so many quests and didn't even realize I was actually not too close to fighting Hydra.. I earned a new snake companion and quested on a few quests before fighting Hydra. I'm not complaining though, I thought it was a lot of fun questing on Pirate101 since I really haven't quested in awhile since I've been busy. Yesterday I could finally start questing again and let me say it was a lot of fun! Thanks again Autumn for helping me. :) I was confused but Autumn and I made it through. Here's a few pictures I took during the fight with Hydra:

Autumn's El Toro critical hit! :D
Catbeard can hit any target even with his eyes closed!
RIP. I wish you wasn't mean, you would have been an awesome pet!

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Unknown said...

I am a swashbucklers and I try to level up my ship my companions and my self but I just get defeated and I need help with like everything any advice to have a tougher pirate and crew