September 5, 2013

Edward Lifegem gets his Gnome Pet!

Hello Wizards!

A few days ago I quested through Avalon with the help of my sister and made it to level 78! This meant I could get my gnome pet but I didn't until yesterday. The last time I had a gnome pet was on the test realm when Avalon was released which was a year ago. I'm glad to have my gnome back, I might make it my main pet after hatching and all. :)

Fighting the boss that has the gnome pet plant! Thank you pet for the heal :D
Forest lord had to pause for a picture, he says hello!
Using Gnome on the boss! :P 
Time to talk to Wu! :D
Finally! :D His name is Baby Diesel for anyone wanting to know

I'm glad I have my gnome pet again, Its been awhile and I actually feel like I'm better at the game than I was about 3 months ago. I'm leveling my main character and a few of my other characters which is awesome. Just so y'all know my life character is doing great with the help of great friends and I can't wait to make another post about completing Avalon. :D Make sure to look for that post! I'll see y'all next time and thanks for reading!

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