September 7, 2013

Edward Lifegem's name on an Egg?!

Hello Wizards,

LOOK! Edward Lifegem got his name on an Egg! This is an important blog post and you should continue reading..... Edward Lifegem got his name on an Egg, yeah he did so what does that mean? That means he got his name on an Egg so that's very important... Why is it important? Well he got his name on an Egg so that is important... What kind of Egg? I have no idea... Why? Because I quested through parts of Avalon and it happened.. What's Avalon? A Wizard101 World... What's a World? Something in the Universe. What's the universe? Something important. What's important? You figure that out when you see the picture of my name on the egg! I know you're jealous. :D Wait is that an Egg?!

1 comment:

Autumn DreamWalker said... you got your name on an EGG!?!?!?! I thought it was a rock. Silly me :P ROFL!

Halloween Run: Oct 28

Halloween Run: Oct 28