September 2, 2013

I'm not quitting Wizard101 because...

Hello Wizards,

Today is officially Wizard101's 5th Birthday! Wizard101 is one of the best games I've ever played and I believe one of the best games. I've played Wizard101 since July 2009 and enjoyed every minute of it. I've had good times and bad times on the game but I still love the game and the community. :) Today I thought I was going to quit Wizard101 because I was very worried my account would be banned because of the person pretending to be me and KI. I decided I'm going to stay though since I have so much support from Kingsisle and the Wizard101 community. I'm sorry to everyone I made worry though, I didn't mean to make anyone upset. I was very upset of the thought of having to quit Wizard101 to save my Pirate101 account from also being banned since its all connected to the same account. I am going to stay since I have so much support, thank you all for helping me. I just want this person to stop doing this to everyone. I'm not going to quit Wizard101 because of this awesome community/game team/ friends and of course game! Now... I know this post was sad at first but I have to thank everyone in the pictures down below, everyone reading and everyone that's help me in the past and future. :) Thank you so much!

Stay away from the real Edward Lifegem! :D - Angel ice is my bodyguard
Woot :D
Happy Birthday Wizard101, here's to many more years! :D

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