September 22, 2013

Rhino Party 2013 Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I had a chance to go to another great event this week. Frost Caller hosted a Rhino Party for World Rhino Day! This was a fun day for the community to get together to celebrate World Rhino Day on Wizard101. :D I believe it was a great turnout since so many people were there (as you see below in the pictures). You'll see that quite a few of us has lions and panthers too since we didn't have a Rhino. Thank you Frost Caller for this great event and I can't wait until your next event, I can already tell you're great at throwing parties. :)

A picture with David (Frost Caller), Yeah I didn't know who he was at first! 
Crazy amount of people... no lions and tigers and rhinos... oh my + panthers!

Link to YouTube Rhino Video

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Unknown said...

I was at the party for about 15 min only i had to sleep i was too tired :)) . At the party i had a lot of fun we completed a maze game in the Acropolis house , playing tag games ... the rest ? idk :)) i was offline