September 2, 2013

Saving Free Ranger- Pt. 1

Howdy Pirates!

Its been an entire week since I last posted about my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. I'm back now and ready to post. :D On my last blog post (My 200th Post) I had to talk to Eagle Caller since El Toro sent me to him to learn more information about Tonka, a friend of El Toro's father. Eagle Caller told me I needed to go find Free Ranger. I had to find him on a Canoe called the Silver Stallion (I would love to have that ship as my own). I found the canoe but there were a lot of Darkmoor ships surrounding the canoe and I had to sink four of them.. It wasn't as bad as the Banditoad Ships- no I will always bring that up during a ship battle talk on a post, Lol. When completed that quest I made it to the Canoe and had to fight a boss and his minions. After all of that I finally made it to Free Ranger, he told me he needed my help and he did not look like he was feeling well..

We know that Tonka was taken hostage but now we have to save Free Ranger. When I noticed the green floating around him I knew they weren't normal wounds so I have no idea why Old Scratch had to tell me that he didn't think they were normal wounds when I already knew :P. Okay... now its time to go to Bison Village! We will save Free Ranger.

I don't know why they keep telling me that they aren't ordinary wounds.. LOOK AT IT! LOL. I think everyone can tell they aren't normal wounds, right everyone? :D Okay.. Dark Magic, I have to get Red Mandrake and Bloodbat Teeth from the Black Storm Tribe and Sun Pollen! I know you told me to hurry but I don't think my blog post could even fit all of that so I'll have to make a Part 2 post! :P I'll see y'all next time. Wish me luck getting all of these items and hopefully on my next post we can save Free Ranger. Stay safe in the Skyways! 

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