September 17, 2013

Saving Free Ranger- Pt. 2!

Howdy Pirates!

Its been awhile since I last made an Edward Cringle post and I wanted to last week but real life got in the way and I had to take a little bit of a break. I'm back now and I am ready to blog again. :D On my last post I left off on trying to save Free Ranger, a masked bird who has dark magic wounds. I have to gather Raw Mandrake from the Bison Burial Ground, Bloodbat Teeth from the Black Storm Tribe and Sun Pollen that floats around the Santo Pollo Skyway to save Free Ranger. Here's what I did today.. :D

Objective #1: 
Gather Mandrake Root From Black Storm Raiders *Defeat 5*

I only had to fight the Black Storm Raiders a couple of times so it wasn't too hard getting the Mandrake Root from them. This was a pretty easy fight and I along with my companions didn't die. I don't think this was a difficult fight and I hope that rest of Cool Ranch will be easy just like this fight. I know, funny! I'm pretty sure it'll get difficult as I progress. :D Next objective!! Time to collect Bloodbad Teeth from Black Storm Ships, you think it was difficult? Keep reading!

Objective #2:
Gather Bloodbat Teeth from Black Storm Ships *Defeat 5*

Once again.. Easy!! This part wasn't difficult at all, well you probably think it was difficult by looking at the picture but it really wasn't difficult at all. If you ever lose connection during a battle like this it'll be a difficult quest. A week ago I was leveling with Autumn on the same exact quest on our Musketeers and y'all know my luck.. I lost connection! Losing connection in the skyways isn't good at all, the good thing is I didn't lose connection on my Swashbuckler so I made it through! Time to collect some sun pollen in Santo Pollo Skyway..

Objective #3:
Collect Sun Pollen in Santo Pollo Skyway *Collect 10*

Oh no! Okay I believe these banditoad ships are really after me and trying to defeat me. I know that sounds silly since we already have a lot of enemies on the game but really.. These banditoads are always trying to attack me whether I'm on this character or even my musketeer! Okay.. I'm just having bad memories LOL. Anyways.. after I collected all 10 of the Sun Pollen it was time to talk to Dancing Stars to save Free Ranger!

Objective #4:
Saving Free Ranger from Doom!

I finally sailed back to Bison Village and delivered all of the items Dancing Stars asked for and saved Free Ranger from Black Magic Doom! I believe I get an award now right? No? Okay... Well... I hope you enjoyed this post and my new way of blogging. IF you like the new way of blogging just click on the Arrrsome Reaction below (above the comments). Thank you for reading and I'll see y'all next time!

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