September 12, 2013

Taking a Break..

Hello Pirates and Wizards,

I usually don't make a post to wizards and pirates but I needed to make one today.. I have a little bit of bad news... I can't blog until next week or later for both wizards and pirates even though I have blog posts that I still haven't made that I really wanted to make today but I might make the posts in a few days. You're probably wondering how I have to take a break since I usually don't have long breaks away from Wizard101, Pirate101 or my blog.. Well I've had issues in real life such as getting sick and that's weighing down on me and I feel like I can't log onto the games or make a post. I've also had news that my dad has to have surgery tomorrow and that means I need to help my mom take care of my dad for a bit so I wouldn't have as much time for the games not even now since I'm sick. I'm sorry about this being last notice but it was last notice to me also. I wasn't expecting to get sick or hear news about my dad having surgery. I promise I'm not quitting the games or anything because I have huge plans for this blog and.. I LOVE PIRATE101, WIZARD101 AND THE COMMUNITY! :D Thank you all for understanding and I promise I'll be back when I can. If everything goes well I'll come back soon, if not I'll come back in a week. Thank you all for reading and I hope you have fun on the games. See y'all later!! x hugs x


Tasha said...

Take care of yourself and your parents. We will all still be here when you get back, as will the games :)So do what you need to do irl.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you Tasha! I believe all is going to go well and I'll be able to come back sooner than I thought. :) I'll let everyone know if that happens!