September 19, 2013

Talk like a Pirate Day! *Art Contest*

Ahoy Pirates!

How be ye on this fine day? :D I'm great and I'm excited to announce Kingsisle/ One Eyed Jack gave me codes to give out just in time to Talk like a Pirate Day 2013! Kingsisle are proud pirates and I'm excited they give Fan Sites codes give codes away to the community. :D I would like to have an Art Contest! I know this contest is completely random, but I love random.  Show off yer artistic abilities by drawing your pirate and sending it to me so I can judge who wins. More information below.. and if you have any questions please comment on this post and I will answer you question!

Talk like a Pirate Art Contest:

  • More Details: I'm sorry graphics aren't allowed with this contest, I really want to see how awesome everyone can draw. Pick one of your pirates to draw and try your best. If yer not good at drawing that's okay, ye can still submit yer picture because EVERYONE has a chance to win- More information above on what you can win.. 
  • Submit Yer Drawing to Me: Submit yer drawing to me by sending an email to Label yer email (Art Contest- Talk Like a Pirate Day) with yer pirate's name and level included in the email along with your drawing! To make it interesting include something in the email that your pirate might say to the Armada? (Pirate Language). Please keep it PG! :D
  • Contest Start/End Date: The Art contest starts today and ends two weeks from today, Sunday, October 6th at 12:00 P.M. CST! Ye have plenty of time to draw yer pirate of yer choice so don't worry too much. :D
  • Loot Ye can Win: I'm giving away a bunch of prizes. Here they are in a list of what ye can win if your Art is chosen: 1st Prize- Cutthroat Shark Companion + 10,000 Crowns! 2nd Prize through 4th Prize- Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns! 5th through 9th Prize- One Random Pirate101 Pet from Prepaid Card + 1,000 Crowns (one code per person). 5th through 9th prizes will be completely random and I'll draw the rest of the prizes who didn't win 1st-4th prize to be entered to win and your drawings will be posted on my site (if you'd like)! I would like to post winners 1st-4th prize on my site for sure so be prepared to have your drawing posted! :D Good luck everyone!
  • Questions: If you have any questions you can comment below or comment on a Social Network where this post is published. All of the prizes listed above are in the picture above *Shark Companion, Military Sabre sword, Click to view Prepaid Card Pets (which is in different tiers for different levels). :) 

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