September 21, 2013

Visiontek Pirate101 Ship Offer!

Ahoy Pirates,

Yesterday Pirate101 posted out that we could get a new Pirate101 ship from Visiontek by buying one of their Visiontek Radeon graphic cards! When you purchase the right Visiontek Graphic Card (HD 7750, HD 6670, HD 6570, HD 6450) and its purchased by December 31, 2013 from Visiontek or from one of their resellers you'll get a code from them that's only good for one person, per eligible product purchased that's good for a uniquely themed Visiontek Pirate Ship! Here's more information about this pirate ship:

  • Pirate Ship Gear: When you redeem this code you'll also get pirate ship gear- Red Bird Figure Head, Star Ruby Sails, Coral Fluke, and Horn of the Crimson Fog. The Anchor, Cannon and Wheel are just like all of the other ships can be upgraded. There's no armor on this ship and you can't place armor on this ship. There is a great defense on the ship- 5% Hull Armor which is unique for this Pirate Ship. (Look below for more Information)
  • Ship Tiers: This ship can be redeem in tiers just like when you redeem a new piece of gear for your pirate, you can redeem a pirate ship tier just for your level or a higher level you plan to use later on for that pirate. There will be 6 tiers so choose wisely. The 6th tier is level 65!

For more information on how to get the Visiontek Pirate ship, visit Visiontek's Facebook Post by clicking HERE, Good luck and see y'all around the Spiral. :)

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