September 1, 2013

What have I been up to on Pirate101?

Ahoy Pirates,

I've made posts in the past about my main character and my swashbuckler but today I wanted to make a blog post of how I was doing on Pirate101 on all of my characters and why I haven't been blogging much lately. I promise soon I will start blogging about Edward Cringle soon. :D I've been doing great on my witchdoctor so far. I've quested through Aquila a little bit more and made it to the quest to defeat the hydra but I haven't done that yet, I'll make a post about that later on. I even started farming for gold to level my companions! I spent almost 6 hours all together farming for gold chests. I'm sure you think that's crazy but it is important to level your companions and with me I think the higher level they are the better chance I have of surviving any future fight. :) Now to the main point of this post.. I started nautical leveling again because I was behind and I spent an hour and a half this morning doing that. I nautical leveled three times today from 61 to nautical 64. Not only have I quested on my witchdoctor I also quested with Autumn on our Musketeers. I made a blog post about that a few days ago, y'all should go check it out after you're done reading this post. :) I think its going great and can't wait until Autumn is back from her mini-vacation so we can start questing through Cool Ranch again. I haven't really quested on my Swashbuckler since my last Edward Cringle blog post but I plan to do that again soon after I'm done catching up on my main character Edward. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post of what exactly I've been up to the last few weeks. I promise I'll start making regular gameplay posts soon. Until then, stay safe in the Skyways and don't get caught by the Armada... I might be part of the Armada (Alexander- if you're reading this post, I am part of the Armada). x evil laugh x Thanks again for reading and I'll see ya next time!

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