September 10, 2013

Wizard101 Error (Edward Lifegem's Questing)

Hello Wizards!

You're probably wondering why I haven't had any new Wizard101 blog posts in awhile... well I've had a lot of issues on Wizard101 while leveling and its becoming more frequently than it was before. I've had these errors on the game and they are getting very annoying when I try to level. I've quested through most of Avalon and I'm in the last area by the Ghost Avalon and the last dungeon. I'm not far from finishing! :D I promise when everything is okay I will blog about that and I'm sure it'll be my next main Wizard101 blog post since I'm almost done. I'm thinking about making two different posts about Ghost Avalon and the main last dungeon's name I can't remember. Anyways, KI support is doing a great job and I think I will make the blog posts soon! I just sent an email to them with all of the information that needed and I've been trying my best to provide as much detail about this situation as possible and hope its resolved soon, we'll see. :D I hope I see y'all around the spiral soon!

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