September 14, 2013

I was on Wizard101 today!

Hello Wizards,

I know I told you I was taking a break but I had a little time to log onto Wizard101 today to attend Ian Stormstaff's Mount Parade and Kelsey Fireheart's Party! I have been behind lately and I don't like being behind on anything but.. I found out that its been a year since Stars of the Spiral has been Wizard101 Official and that's why Kelsey was having an awesome party! I thought it was fun and I congratulate Stars of the Spiral again, Kelsey Fireheart and all staff, for doing a great job on the site/blog. :)

Not only did I attend Kelsey's party, I also attended Ian Stormstaff's Wizard Unite Mount parade which was a lot of fun also. :D I didn't take many pictures of the event since I was busy flying around my dragon mount (the event was based on dragons and celebrating Wizard101's 5th Birthday). Thank you Ian for having this event, it was a lot of fun! I'm happy there's so many great community events on both games that everyone can enjoy and can't wait until the next event. :D I'll see ya'll around the Spiral soon.

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