October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi there!

Halloween has finally arrived. I'm excited for Halloween since I get to spend time with my family (since it's my brother's Birthday). Imagine having a Birthday on Halloween! That would be crazy, Candy and Cake? I wouldn't know what to do. :P Anyways, I'm spending time with my family and handing out Halloween candy. I am planning on dressing up when handing out the Halloween Candy, I'm planning on being a vampire. :D LOL I know what you're thinking... Edward the Vampire? No I'm not going to be sparkly or anything. x throws glitter x Kidding! I'm only going to have vampire teeth and look like a real vampire. Like those on Wizard101 and Pirate101, without the red eyes. :D Other than handing out candy and celebrating my brother's Birthday. I'm going to eat Reese's and Cake (Dinner First). :P So what are you doing for Halloween? I hope you're doing something fun/safe! Safe probably sounds boring to some people but it's always good to stay safe especially during Halloween. If you're planning on Trick-Or-Treating please watch both ways before crossing the street and everything. Don't eat too much candy or you'll get sick and that would mean I'd have to turn into a wizard to cast satyr and I am very busy tonight so it might take awhile! :P I'm sure I confused pirates since most of the satyrs on Pirate101 are evil, but they aren't evil on Wizard101. They actually heal wizards by adding health during battle. Kind of like the privateer spells.  :D Well I should go, I hope you enjoyed my little Halloween Update post. :D Stay safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D (HOLIDAY SEASON STARTS TOMORROW FOR ME)

October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale!

Ahoy Pirates,

Guess what! What? Tomorrow's Halloween, that's what! :D Pirate101 is celebrating now through November 3rd by putting all of the select spooky companions on sale. That means you can save 50% all select companions listed below. If you have crowns and want to buy a companion to help you on your quests, you should buy one of the spooky ones now that they are on sale. I think its a great idea if you do that now so you won't have to later.  Thank you Kingsisle for a great Halloween/Birth-O-Ween celebration that everyone can enjoy. :D Click on the image below for more information..

S.M. Marson, Martin Valvida, Moresco De Valvida

Doctor Noh, Bat Masterson, Bones McGee, Helephant

Jim Masterson, Skyfire, Ghostsinger

October 29, 2013

Brother Owl's First Quest

Howdy Pirates!

Wow its been awhile since I made a questing blog post. I'm behind on my questing and need to start questing and post again. I'm happy I had a little bit of time today to level on one of Edward Cringle's quest so I could post today. :D On my last post I had to fight scorpions and sink ships so I could summon a guardian Spirit, Brother Owl, with a Flute since that's the only way I could summon him. After talking to Raven Eyes again after doing that quest he sent me to Gold Creek to summon Brother Owl.

After summoning Brother Owl, he told me that he was angry because Three Scars stole the Headdress of Winds, a gift that Brother Owl gave the Bison, and gave it to Queen Hornet which was destroyed. Brother Owl went on to tell me that he wanted to make another Headdress and the he needs his Feathers from Queen Hornet and Headdress Beads from Black Storm Raiders and once I'm done Brother Owl will forgive the Bison.. I decided to start with the Queen Hornet quest since it was easier than defeating 12 Black Storm Raider Ships *which I will do later*. 

Okay then.. LOL
Yes, I bought a Privateer Henchmen. :D 
I defeated Queen Hornet but it pulled me in again.. :P

After defeating Queen Hornet I was pulled in again and decided to stay and fight over and over until the 22nd Century. I'm obviously kidding! I don't know why it pulled me in but I promise you I wouldn't go into a boss fight a second time after completing it. :P Looks like I'll have to end the quest here since the next quest I have is defeating 12 ships and it is a collect quest... Wish me luck! Lets hope this is nothing like the Bandit toad Ships so I can make another blog post soon. Thanks for reading everyone. :D

October 28, 2013

Caption this Pirate101 Picture Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

A few weeks ago I ask everyone to caption a picture with a vampire in, Caption This Pirate101 Contest. I wanted to see who can make the best/funniest caption and whoever did would win. I will list all of the winners of this contest down below including their caption and what they will win. :) I received over 50 entries which is a record since I haven't had that much entries with an email contest before. Thank you all for entering and I hope you enter my next Pirate101 Contest.. Here's the list of Winners and they won. :)

First Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, 10,000 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

Vampire: The night is out and no one is as safe as I am here, starved by the day for your blood, dear old Witchdoctor. 

Witchdoctor: Yeah you should know that a witchdoctor's staff can blaze into the brightness of a sun, which is also why we wear these cool sunglasses, so burn burn!

 Vampire: Ahhh! Why did you have to do that, I've been starving for 100 years and now I have to wait another 100 to regain my strength! Where's a baffled and bloody buccaneer when you need one...

~ Daniel Thompson 

Second Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, 2,500 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

 Vampire: Going somewhere? 

Witchdoctor: Yes, I am, as a matter of fact... I was looking for 
Vampire Wings to complete a Potion. Know where I can find find a pair? 

Vampire: Carry on.. brave Pirate.

~ Lazy Jack

Third Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, 2,500 Crowns

Pirate: I heard there was a blood bank near here. 

Vampire: Yes. It's right down this dark alley. Nothing suspicious. Follow me.

~Bloody Wesley Xavier

Fourth Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

You're not invited to the party Vampire! Vampire:  Why not? Because you're a pain in the neck.

~Mary Roberts

Fifth-Eighth Prize Winners
 2,500 Crowns

Pirate: Wait a minute... this isn't the 80's Disco Halloween Party.. must've read the directions wrong! 

Vampire: Well, my night just got interesting!

~Fearless Andrea Kelly

Vampire: Why are you back?! You've destroyed everything! There's nothing left to see! 

Witchdoctor: Yeah, nothing left to see besides the beautfiul wreckage I've created. 

Vampire: *sigh* You pirates and your flaunting of destroying places... 

WItchdoctor: Lol. Don't hate, appreciate.

~Isaac Ironside

Vampire: Don't you know who I am, kid? This isn't the Twilight movie set! 

Edward: You came to the wrong neighborhood, bro. I'm the new vampire hunter in town. 

Vampire: Wha-what?! :O 

~ Davin Everhart

Pirate: "Okay Mr. Vampire, I'm here. What do you need now?" 

Vampire: "Oh, I was wondering if I could borrow your sunglasses to finish off my Halloween costume??" 

Pirate: "really? -_- You're already a vampire!" 

~Alex Andrews

Random.Org Winners
Four Winners/Companion Training Tome 

Oh my! Vampire what are you doing here it's not even Midnight yet!

~Cori Blood

Vampire bat: ZE STAFF. IT BUURRNS! 

Pirate: hehe that's why.... X sings X I wear my sunglasses at night.

~ Tatiana Shadowflame

Witchdoctor: Prepare to meet your doom, vampire!

Vampire: Ah!!! Get the glowing staff away from me! or I will bat you!

~Husky Blaze

Vampire: Hey nice shades. Do you know where I can go some? I hate it when its really sunny.

~Captain Merciless Zane Taylor

Congratulations to all of the winners. This is probably a contest I might not have again even though it was a lot of fun reading the entries, there's too many talented pirates out there and all of you made me laugh. I'm not just saying that, even those who didn't win made me laugh and I really wish I could publish your entries but all together there's over 30 more that I haven't even published on this blog post. I want to thank you all for entering this contest and I'll make sure the next contest is on time and everything. Its great to be back and feeling better. I hope all of you have a spooktacular Halloween. :) I know I will... I'll be drinking.... POP while.. watching Halloween movies. LOL. Just because my name is Edward doesn't mean I'm a vampire. :) No worries there. :P This post would be way too sparkly if I was. Thanks again and I'll send all of the winners their codes before 12:00 P.M. CST today through the email they entered with!

October 27, 2013

Surprise Birthday Party for Ian Stormstaff Review

Hello Wizards!

This is probably the latest I've ever made a blog post about a certain subject that happened days ago. I'm pretty sure lots of other people have probably made the same blog post but I'm still going to make this post because I want to. :P On October 23rd The FAMOUS Bunny Lord celebrated his Birthday and he gave me an Air Cupcake.. What is an Air Cupcake? Well... Its actually delicious.. It tastes just like Air but its the thought that counts right? :D Before I confuse you even more than I probably already have... Autumn and I decided to have a surprise Birthday Party for Ian without anyone finding out about the party. It was so hard to keep the secret from him so now I know how Autumn felt when she hosted my Surprise Birthday Party... :P It was pretty fun though, lots of wizards were there to show how much we love our community bunny. :)

Ian, Autumn and myself at the House Autumn decorated for Party :)
I know, I know.. I'm attractive. Don't have to tell me 100 times!
Ian use tempest to defeat Autumn and I in PvP. Jason, are you laughing? :P
Awesome area in the Death House Autumn decorated!
I know I'm a gobbler but its surprising that Ian is a snowman! Where's Bunny?!
We hope you had a great Birthday, Ian! :)

October 26, 2013

Wizard101 Test Realm: Avalon and Azteca Difficulty Lowered!

Hello Wizards,

As many of you know, a new world was released on the test realm a few days ago and with the new world there were many other updates Kingsisle made to the game. One main one I'm glad to see is that Azteca's difficulty was lowered. This means when the Test Realm is released Avalon and Azteca won't be as difficult to level through as they are now on the live realm. I don't think Avalon needed a change since I think its pretty easy to get through but I guess since they lowered the difficulty on the world still it'll be a lot easier than it was before. I don't worry too much about Avalon but I am excited to see Azteca has changed and will be released on the live realm as soon as everyone is done testing and getting rid of all of those bugs on the Test Realm. I really can't believe it'll be a lot easier getting through Azteca and to the next world that  I'm not even going to try spelling! :D If you've had trouble in Azteca I don't think you will have much trouble soloing through Azteca, I really don't think you'll have much trouble anymore since Kingsisle has changed most (I haven't checked all enemies) of the enemies difficulty. Here's a few pictures I would like to show you of what exactly I'm talking about.

Three Points: Crazed Thunder Horns

Live Realm Azteca: 7-8 Starting Pips + 3,350 Health
Test Realm Azteca: 5-6 Starting Pips + 2,680 Health

Mangrove Marsh: Thunder Horn Ghoul

Live Realm Azteca: 7-8 Starting Pips + 3,550 Health
Test Realm Azteca: 5-6 Starting Pips + 2,840 Health

I didn't have time to go through each and every area to check out every enemy but I have a feeling each enemy that had a lot more health before now has less health and should they should be easier to defeat once the test realm is released to the live realm. Remember when Kingsisle changed Dragonspyre's difficulty? Well that's exactly what its going to be like with Azteca. Dragonspyre was a little difficult and Kingsisle changed the difficulty and the mob enemies were a lot easier to defeat. I don't know if they change the bosses or not but if they did, that's great. :) I only hope they cheat less. Remember, the Test Realm hasn't been released yet so that doesn't mean you can log on to the live game expecting Avalon and Azteca to be a lot easier today. We have to wait until the players test out the test realm and get rid of all of the bugs. Thanks for reading, I wish you fun in the Spiral.. Thank you Kingsisle!

October 25, 2013

Wizard101 Test Realm Opens with Khrysalis Part 1!

Hello Wizards!

Last night the Wizard101 Test Realm opened with a new main world, Khrysalis, for level 90+ wizards. There's so many more updates Kingsisle added to the game but I would rather talk about the world update for this post. Kingsisle added half of this world with new spells (King Artorious for each school), Dark Magic and Shadow Pips and a level 95 level cap. This part of the world only has 5 levels and the second part of Khrysalis is planned to be released in early 2014! I'm not saying anything else other than that so I'll send y'all over to the Test Realm Update Notes page so you can read all of the other great information Kingsisle has provided. Remember, if you plan on playing on the test realm make sure you have a membership or made a purchase of  $6 or more in the past month. Have fun on the test realm and I wish you good luck. :) Click on the image above to view the Test Realm/Update Notes!

October 22, 2013

What I think will happen in the Next Wizard101 World

Hello Wizards!

No the test realm wasn't released or anything, I just wanted to make a post about what I think will happen now until the next month. So many awesome bloggers are making posts about a guy on Central that's giving out information about new content being released every few dates when something is expected to be released. I read through some of his forum posts and I'm starting to believe him so I'll take his advice this time that a new world labeled 'KR' (Like DS for Dragonspyre) is going to be released. I have a feeling the test realm will be released soon but I have no idea when. Just about a year ago in a few days Azteca was released and it was unexpected. What if Kingsisle is planning on giving us a surprise world like they did with Azteca last year? Here's what I think will be released on the test realm SOON...

  • A Pet World or Spell World? I think the next world will be a kind of pet world where we can get our level 98 pets but another part of me is thinking we'll get level 98 spells instead since this world is a main world. Here's a throwback, with Wintertusk we got our level 58 pets, but then Avalon was released sometime later and we got our level 78 pets when questing through and utility spells that we got to train the world. I could be wrong about everything, KI might not follow the pattern they've followed the past few years and give us our level 98 spells. 
  • A World with New Gear, Level 100 Gear. Call me crazy but I think Kingsisle will release new gear for each and every school. In Dragonspyre all wizards that were level 50 got to farm Malistaire for their level 50 robes and they had different types gear such as a hats, robes and boots all for different schools. I miss these days and I hope to see Kingsisle adding something like this in the next world where we hopefully defeat Morganthe and farm her for our level 100 gear.
  • The End of Morganthe & New Enemy? I also think the next world we will finally get to defeat Morganthe, not young Morganthe.. This will be the last we see Morganthe, Maybe? Lets not forget about Malistaire showing up when we didn't expect to see him. Maybe Morganthe won't move on and will try to help the next enemy destroy the Spiral. I think the next enemy is going to be someone that we didn't expect to be evil. I have that feeling the myth teacher is up to something.. I guess we'll have to see, Kingsisle did say this next world would change the game forever..

Thank you for reading, I hope y'all enjoyed this post I wasn't expecting to make but decided to make it since I thought it would be a great idea to. What do you think will happen in the next Wizard101 world? Comment below and let me know. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks will happen. :) And to clarify, I didn't say the test realm was going to be released, I only think it'll be released soon. 

October 21, 2013

Exclusive AMD Pirate Ships

Ahoy Pirates,

Remember when I made a post about an exclusive Visiontek Pirate Ship? Well KI has partnered with AMD and have four other pirate ships not including the VT Pirate Ship. I think these pirate ships are pretty awesome and if y'all need a graphics card you should buy one from AMD and when you do you'll get an exclusive pirate ship + 5,000 crowns! If you click on the image to the right you can learn more about these awesome pirate ships you can get by buying one of their graphic cards for your computer. Kingsisle said that there will be more pirate ships offerings soon and you'll see all of their updates on this page I'm linking you to. Now its time to tell you my favorite ship.. Out of all of the listed ships my favorite is from the Sapphire Offer.. :D I want and will have! :P Good luck and see y'all around the spiral!

October 20, 2013

Fun, Hard Work: Rant Post!

Hi there,

Before I begin my post, I'm sure wondering how I mix fun with hard work... well you'll know why its together soon. This post is about fansites and I know I'm not an official Wizard101 Fansite owner but I am an official Pirate101 Fansite owner and know how hard it is to be one. I've been one for just about a year and its not an easy job. There's a lot of things I focus on not only in real life but on here also. I have to make sure I update my blog, edit every post and make sure I don't make a spelling error (if you see my type on the game, you will know its hard work for me to do that LOL), blog about important news, and most of all host contests.. During Contests I have to think of a contest idea I haven't really done before, make the post, edit, answer any questions, remind everyone if the contest is ending soon, send out codes to all of the winners and then announce the winners. I love all of the contests I have, but when someone says I am or even another fansite owner is doing the wrong thing it upsets me. They have done a lot of work to do their contests also, you should just be happy you have a chance at a great code and accept the code if you win and if you don't win congratulate those who do. If you win don't complain about the type of code you win, accept and thank the person who gave you the code that you won. Another thing, fansite owners that have their fansite as more than one fansite are great. They do a lot more work than I am doing and that's actually crazy to me but I think its incredible. They are great people and deserve respect. I'm happy we have such great people who can be nice to others and run fansites, blogs, youtube, graphic artists or even just play the game. If you're rude you don't seem like someone who likes the community well and might need a break. I'm not sending you away, but its an idea that you should keep. If you bash everyone for everything they do that doesn't show you're a very happy person, only upset about something and nobody knows why.. These are things I only do, this doesn't just count for official fansite owners, so many other bloggers have to do the same thing and its hard work but should be appreciated. I can't speak for every blogger but I'm sure most of you reading will agree its hard work. For me its not only hard work, its fun! I love blogging, its one of my favorite things to do and even when I don't have time to do it I always try. I have been blogging for over four years and I'm not someone who only cares about something I get from KI just because I'm official. This is something I love doing and when someone bashes it, it's really upsetting. I'm not going to let anyone that bashes something I love to do win. If they don't like it, it doesn't mean I shouldn't like it. There's so many talented people in the world and some don't know their talents yet, but that doesn't mean you're not important. I believe everyone reading and not reading this post is important and doesn't deserve someone telling them what they are doing is wrong.. Unless its really wrong/bad. I am really bugged at the idea that someone thinks they have a right to troll someone just because they're doing something special for the community. I believe everyone is special in the community even rude people if they start acting nice again. There's something else I want to discuss before ending this post so I hope most of y'all made it through most of the post... I've noticed that Twitter has been crazy lately. Mostly because someone doesn't agree with something others do. IF you feel angry just take a break and come back later, it works for me and I always do that before saying anything else. If you're going to say something mean to anyone, you shouldn't say it at all because you have no idea how much damage it could do. I've done things like this in the past and I had to learn from my mistakes and sometimes you won't be forgiven for what you've done but if you are, don't try it again because next time you might not be forgiven. To end this post, I would like to ask you all to thank a blogger or just a wizard/pirate for their contests the next time they have one, or to accept a code you receive. If you think a contest is too hard there's other fansite contests, there's not only one fansite in the entire community so don't bash their contest in front of the entire community. You should be proud of what they are giving away and what time they are taking out to do so. Everyone's doing what they should do, never change who you are for haters/trolls. If you want to be a troll there's always a place in Cyclops Lane or Aquila you can sit at until you're ready to stop. Thank you for reading, and I hope everything gets better in this wonderful community soon. If you're ready to stop, just stop and maybe everyone will forgive you. :)

A picture to lighten the mood... Get it?! :) (Bad joke)


Hello Wizards,

Its been awhile since I made a wizard101 blog post but I think that will change soon. Remember the internal error I had for over two months? I haven't had one on the game for weeks and I've been on almost everyday! I think its good that issue isn't occurring anymore and that means I will soon get back to questing and making a lot more wizard101 blog posts. :) I've been on wizard101 everyday leveling my myth wizard through Drum Jungle in Zafaria. Its not too bad leveling through, I'm on a crowns limit so that means if I have trouble on original mobs I'm not going to spend crowns and I will retry if I have to. I usually buy a level 60-70 companion to help me during boss fights so I won't have to redo anything I've been working on 10+ minutes. I'm about halfway through the drum jungle and can't wait to finish this world. Its fun soloing again, its been awhile since I've soloed through the game and I also hope to finish all worlds soloing on my myth wizard, balance/death wizard. :) Well that's it, I will make another update post once I finish drum jungle. Until then, I'll see y'all around the Spiral! :D

October 19, 2013

I'm still Gold Farming!

Ahoy Pirates,

I know... I haven't made any normal posts other than my contest posts in awhile. For the past month I've been getting ready for the next world update on all of my highest level characters for both games. I have a feeling both games will release their worlds soon so that means its time for me to prepare for them. On Pirate101, I've been farming for gold in the Ithaca for my Witchdoctor's companions so they could all get to level 65 before the next world update. But Edward, why are you trying to level all of your companions to level 65?! Well to answer that, I wasn't prepared for Marleybone when it was released earlier this year. This time I'm going to be prepared for the next world update and level all of my companions to 65, have the best ship and nautical level AND have enough gold after that to buy gear or ships in the next world. I think I'm doing great, but its going to take work to complete all of that. I think in the next week or so after I'm done farming a lot everyday I will complete all of that and not have to take time from blogging to do all of that. :) Thanks for reading and I hope to get back to blogging again soon! Today, or maybe tomorrow I should have another Edward Cringle blog post so make sure to read that once its published. I promise I didn't quit, just taking a short break away from blogging to catch up on the games. Stay safe in the Skyways!

October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today is Pirate101's 1st Birthday! They are celebrating their birthday by including Halloween and their Birthday mixed together until the end of the month. They have new spooky Halloween Pirate101 ships, quests, decorations and so much more in the Spiral today. They announced that they have 5 million players, I'm actually not surprised.. Pirate101 is a great game and deserves every single player they get. :) I"m happy there's such a great game to celebrate this way and I'm going to play Pirate101 as long as I can today! Thank you Kingsisle for a great game and I can't wait to try out everything you have for us on the game. :D I'm actually excited for next year, this is huge for the first year.. Lets remember, Wizard101 had 1 million players by their first year, now Pirate101 has 5 million? Wow!! :D Its growing in popularity. :) Anyways, before I make this post any longer than it should be, make sure to check out everything Kingsisle added on their Update Notes page by clicking HERE or clicking on the picture.

Caption This Pirate101 Contest!

Ahoy Pirates!

Thanks to Kingsisle and One-Eyed Jack, I was provided more codes just in time for Halloween and Pirate101's Official 1st Birthday today. Happy Birthday Pirate101! I decided to make this contest easier for everyone to enter. I have so many great codes to giveaway so make sure you follow all rules so you can have a chance to win something! Here's more details about this contest: This Contest ended on October 27th, 2013.

Caption This Picture Contest

  1. Caption: You need to caption the photo above by typing something funny/vampire themed. Here's an example from me: Vampire: What are you doing here?! Don't you know I'm a vampire? Me/Witchdoctor: What are you doing here?! Don't you know I'm a Witchdoctor?! - Caption the picture anyway you'd like to other than exactly what I said above. It doesn't have to be back and forth conversation. :) There's different ways to caption this photo but you have to caption this photo the way you think it should be captioned. When you caption, keep it PG or you will be disqualified. 
  2. Email Me: Once you are done captioning the picture above, email me your entry to edwardfrostgem@gmail.com . Please label your entry Caption This Contest before emailing your entry to me. Include your Pirate's Name and Level in the email!
  3. Contest Start/End Date: This contest starts today, October 15th, 2013 and ends Sunday October 27th, 2013 at 12:00 P.M. CST (this contest has ended) I will announce the winners as soon as I can. It may be tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday) the 28th of October. I'm sorry for the delay. View the prizes you can win below! Some winners will receive more than one code, I labeled how many codes you'll get if you win down below. 

Prizes You Could Win!

Grand Prize Winner: 
Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, + 10,000 Crowns + Training Tome (2)

Second Prize Winner:
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns + 2,500 Crowns + Training Tome (3)

Third Prize Winner: 
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns + 2,500 Crowns! (2)

Fourth Prize Winner:
Caption Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns + Training Tome (2)

Fifth-Eighth Prize Winners:
2,500 Crowns (1)

Random.Org Four Winners:
Training Tome (1)

If you have any questions, just comment below and I'll try my best to answer all of your questions! Good luck to all of you, and Happy Halloween!

October 11, 2013

Edward Hawkins Update (Leveling with Autumn Walker)

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made a post about Edward Hawkins and Autumn Walker's questing. We've been leveling our musketeers since August, I know it seems bad that we're not done yet but we were very busy lately and couldn't level as much as planned. The past month we've been leveling a lot more and its been a lot of fun. On my last Edward Hawkins post we were leveling through Valencia at level 17-18 about to enter Cool Ranch. We were the toughest pirates in the spiral and not one pirate or armada soldier would dare mess with us.. :D Okay maybe not that tough, but still! I'm loving the Musketeer School and can't believe how tough it is. I'm happy we're leveling our musketeers because soon we'll be level 65. We've been questing through Cool Ranch and this island/area in Skull Island I completely forgot the name of (maybe that's because I'm tired)... When we have a difficult dungeon or ship battle quest we just get our witchdoctors to help and time speeds by when we do that. So far we're both level 31 and just got through fighting Tyson for Buffalo Bill. We're trying to get the Magnificent 7 back together and will continue doing that once she gets her membership back, I'm hoping that'll be soon. I'm hoping  I can make another update post when we get to Mooshu or Marleybone, so make sure to look for that if its published. Wish us luck on our adventures throughout the Spiral! Looks like I'm done blogging... Unless I type a bunch of random letters to make it look like I'm still blogging? leleoifelkaj;lkfjd Yeah... I'm done. See y'all around the Spiral!! :D

October 10, 2013

My Wizard Update: Internal Error 2, Edward Mythgem

Hello Wizards,

You're probably wondering why I haven't blogged Edward Lifegem or Edward Wintergem in awhile. Well I've found out on my own that the problem with the internal error is coming from Avalon. I have no idea why this is mostly happening in Avalon but I'm hoping Wizard101 fixes it with their next update. I'm trying to get Kingsisle to see that there must be something wrong with Avalon that's making my computer crash with Internal Error 2 every time I try to change realms or run into a different area in Avalon. Kingsisle is a great game team and I'm sure they'll find out how to fix this problem soon but until then, I'm going to quest on my wizards that I haven't quest on in awhile like my myth wizard, Edward Mythgem.

Edward Mythgem

My myth wizard, Edward Mythgem, has been stuck in Zafaria for a year. I'm actually surprised I got to quest him the other day. My myth wizard was level 71 for over a year also and I didn't really have a choice to quest him since I had a lot of trouble on this dungeon and I kept dying every time I tried to do it alone. This time I went in with a nice gear and a healing pet + a companion for each round and it was a lot easier this time! My myth wizard is currently level 72 and in the drum jungle and its going to be a lot of fun questing him through the rest of Zafaria. Wish me luck. :D I'll start blogging again once this internal error is fixed. I'm not going to blog my myth wizard's quests but I will blog about my life again once everything is fixed. I will continue blogging about any Wizard101 related news. Thank you all for reading and I'll see y'all around the spiral!

October 9, 2013

Ship Battles and Scorpion Fights!

Howdy Pirates,

I'm sorry I didn't make a post yesterday, I was very busy and couldn't find time to make this post. I'm back today and ready to post again! On my last Edward Cringle blog post, Thunderbird, Dancing Stars sent me to Elder Bluff to talk to Thunderbird. Thunderbird told me I needed to make peace with all of the Totem Spirits before it answered all of my questions I had. Thunderbird sent me back to Bison Village to talk to Raven Eyes and his brother. They told me about all of the Totem Spirits and told me I need to return the Flute to the Bision so they can make a special rattle to summon the first Totem Spirit, Brother Owl. 

Collect Flute from Red Sash Ships
Collect 4 Stingtail Tails for Rattle

That was a lot of fun! Well... maybe not. You know me and scorpions. I had to keep joining to defeat them, I had help from some of the henchmen in the crowns shop when I had trouble. If you have trouble and have crowns to buy henchmen, you really should so you don't have to redo your entire battle! I'm glad Kingsisle added henchmen to the game, they really do help. The ship battle wasn't too bad, I only had to defeat two to collect the flute. I'm going to finish this post for now and on my next post we'll talk to Raven Eyes and finally summon Brother Owl. See y'all then and stay safe in the skyways. :D

October 7, 2013


Howdy Pirates,

I haven't made Edward Cringle blog posts as much as I want to in the past few months. I've been very busy in real life and don't know if I have enough time to blog the news and blog about Edward Cringle but when I do have time to make posts I will. On my last post, I had to save Free Ranger and I told Dancing Stars that Tonka was taking captive. Dancing Stars told me I needed to learn secrets from our foe. I needed to go the top of Elder Bluff to make an offering at the Great Totem to summon Thunderbird.

After I got through talking to Thunderbird I had to sail back to Bison Village to talk to Raven Eyes and his brother  Sun Dancer. They told me that the Totem Spirits turn their backs on the Bison because of Three Scars broke Oath. Sun Dancer told me I have to find all of the Totem Spirits and make peace so they help the Bison. I have to find Brother Owl but first I have to summon him. The flute that summons him was stolen by the Red Sash gang and Raven Eyes also needs to make a special rattle from tails of Stingtail Scorpions... I wish he could do this, I hate scorpions. :P Yes, that adds to the list of things I hate, Snakes being #1! :P I guess we'll have to get the things we need to summon Brother Owl tomorrow.. The things pirates do. Well I guess that's what makes us pirates. :P See y'all around the Spiral!

I love Wizard101's Halloween!

Hello Wizards,

Have you ever wondered why you're still doing the Halloween quests, even if you've been here for years and quested the Halloween quests every year? Well I know I have, but I know why I keep questing through all of the Halloween quests. I've made Wizard101's Halloween a tradition and I'm happy to quest through all of their Halloween quests over and over again. :) Last year I didn't get to quest much on the game but I still logged on and quested anyways. This year I got to quest with my sister, Melissa Rainstrider, and had fun again this year. :D We quest the new Quest from Dworgyn and also quested through the Master Halloween Tower in Ravenwood. Here's a few pictures of the fun we had yesterday:

Dworgyn's Quest:

Our new Frankenbunny Pets :D

Master Halloween Tower in Ravenwood:

Getting ready to fight.. This might be difficult. :P
Ooh... pretty :D
Not so pretty...
We didn't make it. We were defeated.. KIDDING. We made it through :D

That was a lot of fun. I'm glad we had a fun Halloween day and can't wait to do this on all of my characters. Collecting pumpkins, treats, candy corn... wow I'd like some candy corn right now... I mean, fun! Thanks for reading and I hope all of you have a spooky (nice and safe) Halloween. :D

October 6, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Art Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Remember when I announced the new Art Contest a couple of weeks ago? Well I finally have pick the winners for this contest and I'm very happy to say all of you are great Artists but since I'm limited on prizes to giveaway I had to pick a few to win. Thank you all for your time entering this contest and I hope to see you entering my future contests. Winners, you codes will be sent to the email you sent your drawings so make sure to check that email soon! Here's the winners of the Talk Like a Pirate Day Art Contest:

1st Prize: The Spiral Wonders
10,000 Crowns + Cutthroat Shark Companion

" 'tis strange Mr. G be goin' to show me how to get ye Kane! 

I be on me way to Valencia 'n have plenty 'o Yum, ho-ho!"

2nd Prize (2nd Prize-1): Sophia
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

"Feel t' power!

3rd Prize (2nd Prize- 2): Cunning Amber Silver
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

Amber: "All right you filthy landlubbers, time to put ye at bay!"
Armada: **Stares back blankly**
Amber: **scratches head** okayyy... how about this? Meet yer match, ye scurvy dogs!"
Armada: **still stares back blankly**
Amber: umm... *thinks for a moment* let's battle?
Armada: **finally raises their guns in battle stance**
Amber: aw yeah! *silently fist pumps*

4th Prize (2nd Prize- 3): Tiffany
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

Be off back to ye boat!

Thank you everyone for entering my contest, if you didn't win, that doesn't mean anything because I would pick all of you to win if I could but had to pick 4 main winners which are displayed above! To make it fair, I decided to pick all of your names to enter all of the rest of you great artists in a raffle to win a random Pirate101 Pet from the Prepaid Cards + 1,000 Crowns! Five of you won, Here's the list of winners..

5th-9th Prize:
Random Pirate101 Prepaid Card Pet + 1,000 Crowns

Stormy (Reckless) Scarlet Moone

Dead-Eye Cheryl

Slick Steven Stern


Lily Evans

Congratulations everyone and thank you again for entering my contest! I can't wait to have another contest. :D I hope y'all enjoyed this contest and check back everyday for any other contests/blog posts. :) If you won a code, expect your code to come through your email within an hour of this post being published from my email: edwardfrostgem@gmail.com

October 4, 2013

Internal Error 2

Hello Wizards,

I have no idea what's happening with Wizard101 but recently I've had a lot of problems with Wizard101. I've had a problem with an Error called Internal Error 2 for about a month. Everyday I log on, I start questing and all of a sudden the game freezes for a couple of seconds and my screen turns blank and errors start popping up. Most of the time 10-15 error screens pop up telling me that there's been an internal error. I've contacted Kingsisle and they don't know what the problem is and I have no idea what's happening or why its happening. I don't think its on my side though since my computer is fine and I can still play Pirate101 with no problem at all. I've checked every single last thing, I've done a recovery, deleted and downloaded the game again and I'm still having this issue. I've never had this issue before and it just started about a month ago. I need to know if anyone else is experiencing issues like this. A wizard on Twitter told me they were and its making me wonder if its happening to anyone else that reads my blog and is having the same issue. Are you having this same issue? Here's details below of what is happening to me:

  • This issue usually happens when I try switch areas or run into a different area in Avalon, but, the issue only happened once when I was in the commons just standing around. The computer blanks out and then popups show up telling me there's been an error. I play this game on my Compaq computer. I have never had this problem before this past month. 

IF you're having this same issue/Internal Error 2 please comment below and tell me, I need to know if this is happening to anyone else so I can send this post to Kingsisle to show them so they can fix the issue for us. I'm not having trouble logging onto the game so that's not the issue, this error happens when I'm the game questing. 

October 3, 2013

12 Days of Autumn- Pet Farming Recap + NXP Today!

Ahoy Pirates,

Earlier this week I attended another of Autumn Walker's great events for 12 Days of Autumn, the 10th day. This time we got to farm for pets from Tyson the Chicken guy... chicken... boxer... uh. Yeah! Anyways... We farmed him for our pets, I'm not really good with farming and winning things but I still had fun even though I could only stay five minutes since I was busy that night.

I didn't take too many pictures for this event but I'm hoping I'll get to attend the NXP Autumn has planned for her last day of 12 Days of Autumn. Lets show her how many pirates can show up today for her NXP Party! You can level your ship level a lot by coming to an event like this which is pretty awesome. I'm planning on going to her last event on my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. I'm hoping I can make it today. If you'd like to learn more about where to meet up and everything just click HERE.

October 2, 2013

2013 Wizard Choice Awards

Hello Wizards,

There's a new, great event that's happening now until October 26th. The 2nd Wizard Choice Awards recognizes all of the talented community wizards that make Youtube Videos, Make Computer Graphics, even the Best PvPer! The 2nd Wizard Choice Awards will be hosted by Natalie Sparkles. This seems like a great event that everyone should attend. Everyone in this community is very talented and I'm glad there's an event like this to show that everyone cares about what you do in the community and even do for the community. :D More information including the schedule is listed below:

-Schedule of Events-

  • September 23rd- September 28th: Suggest Categories that you'd like to be included.
  • September 28th- October 13th: Submit your entries. You may enter enter more than one category. There is no limit. You may also enter as many entries you'd like for each category.
  • October 14th- October 25th: Voting. Votes will be cast on the Official Website of the WCA
  • October 26th: Results at 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time. After Party at 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. You can leave whenever you'd like to leave.

-This Year's Categories-

*Classical Artists*  *Computer Graphic Artists*  *Derby Masters*

*Fashionistas*  *Housing Visionaries*  *Magical Lovers*

*Movie Stars*  *Mount Trainers*  *Music Video Stars*

*Pet Rangers*  *PvP Record Masters*  *Spiral Jokesters*

*Spiral Supporters*  *Storytellers*  *True Warlords*

For more information visit their website by clicking HERE or their Facebook Page Event by clicking HERE. This event's going to be a lot of fun and I hope to see all you there! It seems like this event is well put together and can't wait to see how everything goes when it happens on October 26th! :D Thank you all for reading and to end this post, here's a video from Spiral Creations about the 2013 Wizard Choice Awards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwzjpw_9-Fk