October 28, 2013

Caption this Pirate101 Picture Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

A few weeks ago I ask everyone to caption a picture with a vampire in, Caption This Pirate101 Contest. I wanted to see who can make the best/funniest caption and whoever did would win. I will list all of the winners of this contest down below including their caption and what they will win. :) I received over 50 entries which is a record since I haven't had that much entries with an email contest before. Thank you all for entering and I hope you enter my next Pirate101 Contest.. Here's the list of Winners and they won. :)

First Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, 10,000 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

Vampire: The night is out and no one is as safe as I am here, starved by the day for your blood, dear old Witchdoctor. 

Witchdoctor: Yeah you should know that a witchdoctor's staff can blaze into the brightness of a sun, which is also why we wear these cool sunglasses, so burn burn!

 Vampire: Ahhh! Why did you have to do that, I've been starving for 100 years and now I have to wait another 100 to regain my strength! Where's a baffled and bloody buccaneer when you need one...

~ Daniel Thompson 

Second Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, 2,500 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

 Vampire: Going somewhere? 

Witchdoctor: Yes, I am, as a matter of fact... I was looking for 
Vampire Wings to complete a Potion. Know where I can find find a pair? 

Vampire: Carry on.. brave Pirate.

~ Lazy Jack

Third Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, 2,500 Crowns

Pirate: I heard there was a blood bank near here. 

Vampire: Yes. It's right down this dark alley. Nothing suspicious. Follow me.

~Bloody Wesley Xavier

Fourth Prize Winner
Captain Blood's Hook, 5,000 Crowns, Companion Training Tome

You're not invited to the party Vampire! Vampire:  Why not? Because you're a pain in the neck.

~Mary Roberts

Fifth-Eighth Prize Winners
 2,500 Crowns

Pirate: Wait a minute... this isn't the 80's Disco Halloween Party.. must've read the directions wrong! 

Vampire: Well, my night just got interesting!

~Fearless Andrea Kelly

Vampire: Why are you back?! You've destroyed everything! There's nothing left to see! 

Witchdoctor: Yeah, nothing left to see besides the beautfiul wreckage I've created. 

Vampire: *sigh* You pirates and your flaunting of destroying places... 

WItchdoctor: Lol. Don't hate, appreciate.

~Isaac Ironside

Vampire: Don't you know who I am, kid? This isn't the Twilight movie set! 

Edward: You came to the wrong neighborhood, bro. I'm the new vampire hunter in town. 

Vampire: Wha-what?! :O 

~ Davin Everhart

Pirate: "Okay Mr. Vampire, I'm here. What do you need now?" 

Vampire: "Oh, I was wondering if I could borrow your sunglasses to finish off my Halloween costume??" 

Pirate: "really? -_- You're already a vampire!" 

~Alex Andrews

Random.Org Winners
Four Winners/Companion Training Tome 

Oh my! Vampire what are you doing here it's not even Midnight yet!

~Cori Blood

Vampire bat: ZE STAFF. IT BUURRNS! 

Pirate: hehe that's why.... X sings X I wear my sunglasses at night.

~ Tatiana Shadowflame

Witchdoctor: Prepare to meet your doom, vampire!

Vampire: Ah!!! Get the glowing staff away from me! or I will bat you!

~Husky Blaze

Vampire: Hey nice shades. Do you know where I can go some? I hate it when its really sunny.

~Captain Merciless Zane Taylor

Congratulations to all of the winners. This is probably a contest I might not have again even though it was a lot of fun reading the entries, there's too many talented pirates out there and all of you made me laugh. I'm not just saying that, even those who didn't win made me laugh and I really wish I could publish your entries but all together there's over 30 more that I haven't even published on this blog post. I want to thank you all for entering this contest and I'll make sure the next contest is on time and everything. Its great to be back and feeling better. I hope all of you have a spooktacular Halloween. :) I know I will... I'll be drinking.... POP while.. watching Halloween movies. LOL. Just because my name is Edward doesn't mean I'm a vampire. :) No worries there. :P This post would be way too sparkly if I was. Thanks again and I'll send all of the winners their codes before 12:00 P.M. CST today through the email they entered with!

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