October 20, 2013


Hello Wizards,

Its been awhile since I made a wizard101 blog post but I think that will change soon. Remember the internal error I had for over two months? I haven't had one on the game for weeks and I've been on almost everyday! I think its good that issue isn't occurring anymore and that means I will soon get back to questing and making a lot more wizard101 blog posts. :) I've been on wizard101 everyday leveling my myth wizard through Drum Jungle in Zafaria. Its not too bad leveling through, I'm on a crowns limit so that means if I have trouble on original mobs I'm not going to spend crowns and I will retry if I have to. I usually buy a level 60-70 companion to help me during boss fights so I won't have to redo anything I've been working on 10+ minutes. I'm about halfway through the drum jungle and can't wait to finish this world. Its fun soloing again, its been awhile since I've soloed through the game and I also hope to finish all worlds soloing on my myth wizard, balance/death wizard. :) Well that's it, I will make another update post once I finish drum jungle. Until then, I'll see y'all around the Spiral! :D

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