October 11, 2013

Edward Hawkins Update (Leveling with Autumn Walker)

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made a post about Edward Hawkins and Autumn Walker's questing. We've been leveling our musketeers since August, I know it seems bad that we're not done yet but we were very busy lately and couldn't level as much as planned. The past month we've been leveling a lot more and its been a lot of fun. On my last Edward Hawkins post we were leveling through Valencia at level 17-18 about to enter Cool Ranch. We were the toughest pirates in the spiral and not one pirate or armada soldier would dare mess with us.. :D Okay maybe not that tough, but still! I'm loving the Musketeer School and can't believe how tough it is. I'm happy we're leveling our musketeers because soon we'll be level 65. We've been questing through Cool Ranch and this island/area in Skull Island I completely forgot the name of (maybe that's because I'm tired)... When we have a difficult dungeon or ship battle quest we just get our witchdoctors to help and time speeds by when we do that. So far we're both level 31 and just got through fighting Tyson for Buffalo Bill. We're trying to get the Magnificent 7 back together and will continue doing that once she gets her membership back, I'm hoping that'll be soon. I'm hoping  I can make another update post when we get to Mooshu or Marleybone, so make sure to look for that if its published. Wish us luck on our adventures throughout the Spiral! Looks like I'm done blogging... Unless I type a bunch of random letters to make it look like I'm still blogging? leleoifelkaj;lkfjd Yeah... I'm done. See y'all around the Spiral!! :D

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