October 21, 2013

Exclusive AMD Pirate Ships

Ahoy Pirates,

Remember when I made a post about an exclusive Visiontek Pirate Ship? Well KI has partnered with AMD and have four other pirate ships not including the VT Pirate Ship. I think these pirate ships are pretty awesome and if y'all need a graphics card you should buy one from AMD and when you do you'll get an exclusive pirate ship + 5,000 crowns! If you click on the image to the right you can learn more about these awesome pirate ships you can get by buying one of their graphic cards for your computer. Kingsisle said that there will be more pirate ships offerings soon and you'll see all of their updates on this page I'm linking you to. Now its time to tell you my favorite ship.. Out of all of the listed ships my favorite is from the Sapphire Offer.. :D I want and will have! :P Good luck and see y'all around the spiral!

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Unknown said...

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