October 1, 2013

Halloween is here + Reveal of the Next World?

Hello Wizards!

Halloween is finally in the Spiral and Kingsisle has a lot planned for us Wizards! They have Halloween quests for all of you wizards, if you completed the Halloween quests last year or any year before you can still complete them again this year! Visit Jack Hallow for all of your Halloween quests. You can also visit Spooky Bob for all of your Halloween Gear/Pets! Now before you think that's all this blog post is about... you're wrong! There's also a new Halloween quest that all Wizards over level 13 can complete. Talk to Dworgyn in the Death School Classroom to collect your quest "Something Rotten in Nightside".  Fansites are giving away Halloween items so make sure to check out all of their great contests! Okay, now for the moment y'all have been waiting for... The Next World? Or New Area? Maybe a New House? Kingsisle also released a photo on their Monthly Newsletter (See Main Picture of this post for picture), I think it has something to do with the next world. Do you think it's a new world or side world? The Spiral door is knocked down, Morganthe must have done that :P I guess we'll have to see.. Well I hope all y'all enjoy this spooky month! ~Edward Spookygem

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