October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today is Pirate101's 1st Birthday! They are celebrating their birthday by including Halloween and their Birthday mixed together until the end of the month. They have new spooky Halloween Pirate101 ships, quests, decorations and so much more in the Spiral today. They announced that they have 5 million players, I'm actually not surprised.. Pirate101 is a great game and deserves every single player they get. :) I"m happy there's such a great game to celebrate this way and I'm going to play Pirate101 as long as I can today! Thank you Kingsisle for a great game and I can't wait to try out everything you have for us on the game. :D I'm actually excited for next year, this is huge for the first year.. Lets remember, Wizard101 had 1 million players by their first year, now Pirate101 has 5 million? Wow!! :D Its growing in popularity. :) Anyways, before I make this post any longer than it should be, make sure to check out everything Kingsisle added on their Update Notes page by clicking HERE or clicking on the picture.

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