October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi there!

Halloween has finally arrived. I'm excited for Halloween since I get to spend time with my family (since it's my brother's Birthday). Imagine having a Birthday on Halloween! That would be crazy, Candy and Cake? I wouldn't know what to do. :P Anyways, I'm spending time with my family and handing out Halloween candy. I am planning on dressing up when handing out the Halloween Candy, I'm planning on being a vampire. :D LOL I know what you're thinking... Edward the Vampire? No I'm not going to be sparkly or anything. x throws glitter x Kidding! I'm only going to have vampire teeth and look like a real vampire. Like those on Wizard101 and Pirate101, without the red eyes. :D Other than handing out candy and celebrating my brother's Birthday. I'm going to eat Reese's and Cake (Dinner First). :P So what are you doing for Halloween? I hope you're doing something fun/safe! Safe probably sounds boring to some people but it's always good to stay safe especially during Halloween. If you're planning on Trick-Or-Treating please watch both ways before crossing the street and everything. Don't eat too much candy or you'll get sick and that would mean I'd have to turn into a wizard to cast satyr and I am very busy tonight so it might take awhile! :P I'm sure I confused pirates since most of the satyrs on Pirate101 are evil, but they aren't evil on Wizard101. They actually heal wizards by adding health during battle. Kind of like the privateer spells.  :D Well I should go, I hope you enjoyed my little Halloween Update post. :D Stay safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D (HOLIDAY SEASON STARTS TOMORROW FOR ME)

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