October 19, 2013

I'm still Gold Farming!

Ahoy Pirates,

I know... I haven't made any normal posts other than my contest posts in awhile. For the past month I've been getting ready for the next world update on all of my highest level characters for both games. I have a feeling both games will release their worlds soon so that means its time for me to prepare for them. On Pirate101, I've been farming for gold in the Ithaca for my Witchdoctor's companions so they could all get to level 65 before the next world update. But Edward, why are you trying to level all of your companions to level 65?! Well to answer that, I wasn't prepared for Marleybone when it was released earlier this year. This time I'm going to be prepared for the next world update and level all of my companions to 65, have the best ship and nautical level AND have enough gold after that to buy gear or ships in the next world. I think I'm doing great, but its going to take work to complete all of that. I think in the next week or so after I'm done farming a lot everyday I will complete all of that and not have to take time from blogging to do all of that. :) Thanks for reading and I hope to get back to blogging again soon! Today, or maybe tomorrow I should have another Edward Cringle blog post so make sure to read that once its published. I promise I didn't quit, just taking a short break away from blogging to catch up on the games. Stay safe in the Skyways!

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ThatFrostweaver said...

With 2 games they said updates will go back and forth, and it will take them awhile until a world update so the last Wizard101 world of the Morganthe Arc than we go back to Pirate101 for Valencia and some other world.