October 4, 2013

Internal Error 2

Hello Wizards,

I have no idea what's happening with Wizard101 but recently I've had a lot of problems with Wizard101. I've had a problem with an Error called Internal Error 2 for about a month. Everyday I log on, I start questing and all of a sudden the game freezes for a couple of seconds and my screen turns blank and errors start popping up. Most of the time 10-15 error screens pop up telling me that there's been an internal error. I've contacted Kingsisle and they don't know what the problem is and I have no idea what's happening or why its happening. I don't think its on my side though since my computer is fine and I can still play Pirate101 with no problem at all. I've checked every single last thing, I've done a recovery, deleted and downloaded the game again and I'm still having this issue. I've never had this issue before and it just started about a month ago. I need to know if anyone else is experiencing issues like this. A wizard on Twitter told me they were and its making me wonder if its happening to anyone else that reads my blog and is having the same issue. Are you having this same issue? Here's details below of what is happening to me:

  • This issue usually happens when I try switch areas or run into a different area in Avalon, but, the issue only happened once when I was in the commons just standing around. The computer blanks out and then popups show up telling me there's been an error. I play this game on my Compaq computer. I have never had this problem before this past month. 

IF you're having this same issue/Internal Error 2 please comment below and tell me, I need to know if this is happening to anyone else so I can send this post to Kingsisle to show them so they can fix the issue for us. I'm not having trouble logging onto the game so that's not the issue, this error happens when I'm the game questing. 


pokefreak said...

I have experienced it once but not like your case. Mine says Internal Error 2, then it shuts wizards game screen off. Once I log in its fine, it also doesn't do it multiple times nor did it go to a black screen. It happened when I was either in PvP spectating or Tartarus. Players now are also experiencing communication issues in Aquila ever since Halloween came around. I was in it when one guy got booted multiple times and then he didn't come back. (Probably got fed up,) Then the other guy experienced it once. Mine was trying to lose connection but I used my blocker to stop that. So it seems to happen to just any player.

Evan Silver said...

This has happened to me too, randomly. It closes the screen turns black or white and then a bunch of dialog boxes come up with ODE INTERNAL ERROR 2

Unknown said...

Contact your technician! They are the best!

Edward Lifegem said...

Same thing is happening to me. What type of computer/laptop do you have?