October 10, 2013

My Wizard Update: Internal Error 2, Edward Mythgem

Hello Wizards,

You're probably wondering why I haven't blogged Edward Lifegem or Edward Wintergem in awhile. Well I've found out on my own that the problem with the internal error is coming from Avalon. I have no idea why this is mostly happening in Avalon but I'm hoping Wizard101 fixes it with their next update. I'm trying to get Kingsisle to see that there must be something wrong with Avalon that's making my computer crash with Internal Error 2 every time I try to change realms or run into a different area in Avalon. Kingsisle is a great game team and I'm sure they'll find out how to fix this problem soon but until then, I'm going to quest on my wizards that I haven't quest on in awhile like my myth wizard, Edward Mythgem.

Edward Mythgem

My myth wizard, Edward Mythgem, has been stuck in Zafaria for a year. I'm actually surprised I got to quest him the other day. My myth wizard was level 71 for over a year also and I didn't really have a choice to quest him since I had a lot of trouble on this dungeon and I kept dying every time I tried to do it alone. This time I went in with a nice gear and a healing pet + a companion for each round and it was a lot easier this time! My myth wizard is currently level 72 and in the drum jungle and its going to be a lot of fun questing him through the rest of Zafaria. Wish me luck. :D I'll start blogging again once this internal error is fixed. I'm not going to blog my myth wizard's quests but I will blog about my life again once everything is fixed. I will continue blogging about any Wizard101 related news. Thank you all for reading and I'll see y'all around the spiral!

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good job from Cheyenne Battlebringer level 90 Storm and Balance