October 9, 2013

Ship Battles and Scorpion Fights!

Howdy Pirates,

I'm sorry I didn't make a post yesterday, I was very busy and couldn't find time to make this post. I'm back today and ready to post again! On my last Edward Cringle blog post, Thunderbird, Dancing Stars sent me to Elder Bluff to talk to Thunderbird. Thunderbird told me I needed to make peace with all of the Totem Spirits before it answered all of my questions I had. Thunderbird sent me back to Bison Village to talk to Raven Eyes and his brother. They told me about all of the Totem Spirits and told me I need to return the Flute to the Bision so they can make a special rattle to summon the first Totem Spirit, Brother Owl. 

Collect Flute from Red Sash Ships
Collect 4 Stingtail Tails for Rattle

That was a lot of fun! Well... maybe not. You know me and scorpions. I had to keep joining to defeat them, I had help from some of the henchmen in the crowns shop when I had trouble. If you have trouble and have crowns to buy henchmen, you really should so you don't have to redo your entire battle! I'm glad Kingsisle added henchmen to the game, they really do help. The ship battle wasn't too bad, I only had to defeat two to collect the flute. I'm going to finish this post for now and on my next post we'll talk to Raven Eyes and finally summon Brother Owl. See y'all then and stay safe in the skyways. :D

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