October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale!

Ahoy Pirates,

Guess what! What? Tomorrow's Halloween, that's what! :D Pirate101 is celebrating now through November 3rd by putting all of the select spooky companions on sale. That means you can save 50% all select companions listed below. If you have crowns and want to buy a companion to help you on your quests, you should buy one of the spooky ones now that they are on sale. I think its a great idea if you do that now so you won't have to later.  Thank you Kingsisle for a great Halloween/Birth-O-Ween celebration that everyone can enjoy. :D Click on the image below for more information..

S.M. Marson, Martin Valvida, Moresco De Valvida

Doctor Noh, Bat Masterson, Bones McGee, Helephant

Jim Masterson, Skyfire, Ghostsinger

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