October 27, 2013

Surprise Birthday Party for Ian Stormstaff Review

Hello Wizards!

This is probably the latest I've ever made a blog post about a certain subject that happened days ago. I'm pretty sure lots of other people have probably made the same blog post but I'm still going to make this post because I want to. :P On October 23rd The FAMOUS Bunny Lord celebrated his Birthday and he gave me an Air Cupcake.. What is an Air Cupcake? Well... Its actually delicious.. It tastes just like Air but its the thought that counts right? :D Before I confuse you even more than I probably already have... Autumn and I decided to have a surprise Birthday Party for Ian without anyone finding out about the party. It was so hard to keep the secret from him so now I know how Autumn felt when she hosted my Surprise Birthday Party... :P It was pretty fun though, lots of wizards were there to show how much we love our community bunny. :)

Ian, Autumn and myself at the House Autumn decorated for Party :)
I know, I know.. I'm attractive. Don't have to tell me 100 times!
Ian use tempest to defeat Autumn and I in PvP. Jason, are you laughing? :P
Awesome area in the Death House Autumn decorated!
I know I'm a gobbler but its surprising that Ian is a snowman! Where's Bunny?!
We hope you had a great Birthday, Ian! :)

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