October 6, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Art Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Remember when I announced the new Art Contest a couple of weeks ago? Well I finally have pick the winners for this contest and I'm very happy to say all of you are great Artists but since I'm limited on prizes to giveaway I had to pick a few to win. Thank you all for your time entering this contest and I hope to see you entering my future contests. Winners, you codes will be sent to the email you sent your drawings so make sure to check that email soon! Here's the winners of the Talk Like a Pirate Day Art Contest:

1st Prize: The Spiral Wonders
10,000 Crowns + Cutthroat Shark Companion

" 'tis strange Mr. G be goin' to show me how to get ye Kane! 

I be on me way to Valencia 'n have plenty 'o Yum, ho-ho!"

2nd Prize (2nd Prize-1): Sophia
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

"Feel t' power!

3rd Prize (2nd Prize- 2): Cunning Amber Silver
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

Amber: "All right you filthy landlubbers, time to put ye at bay!"
Armada: **Stares back blankly**
Amber: **scratches head** okayyy... how about this? Meet yer match, ye scurvy dogs!"
Armada: **still stares back blankly**
Amber: umm... *thinks for a moment* let's battle?
Armada: **finally raises their guns in battle stance**
Amber: aw yeah! *silently fist pumps*

4th Prize (2nd Prize- 3): Tiffany
Military Sabre + 5,000 Crowns

Be off back to ye boat!

Thank you everyone for entering my contest, if you didn't win, that doesn't mean anything because I would pick all of you to win if I could but had to pick 4 main winners which are displayed above! To make it fair, I decided to pick all of your names to enter all of the rest of you great artists in a raffle to win a random Pirate101 Pet from the Prepaid Cards + 1,000 Crowns! Five of you won, Here's the list of winners..

5th-9th Prize:
Random Pirate101 Prepaid Card Pet + 1,000 Crowns

Stormy (Reckless) Scarlet Moone

Dead-Eye Cheryl

Slick Steven Stern


Lily Evans

Congratulations everyone and thank you again for entering my contest! I can't wait to have another contest. :D I hope y'all enjoyed this contest and check back everyday for any other contests/blog posts. :) If you won a code, expect your code to come through your email within an hour of this post being published from my email: edwardfrostgem@gmail.com

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