October 7, 2013


Howdy Pirates,

I haven't made Edward Cringle blog posts as much as I want to in the past few months. I've been very busy in real life and don't know if I have enough time to blog the news and blog about Edward Cringle but when I do have time to make posts I will. On my last post, I had to save Free Ranger and I told Dancing Stars that Tonka was taking captive. Dancing Stars told me I needed to learn secrets from our foe. I needed to go the top of Elder Bluff to make an offering at the Great Totem to summon Thunderbird.

After I got through talking to Thunderbird I had to sail back to Bison Village to talk to Raven Eyes and his brother  Sun Dancer. They told me that the Totem Spirits turn their backs on the Bison because of Three Scars broke Oath. Sun Dancer told me I have to find all of the Totem Spirits and make peace so they help the Bison. I have to find Brother Owl but first I have to summon him. The flute that summons him was stolen by the Red Sash gang and Raven Eyes also needs to make a special rattle from tails of Stingtail Scorpions... I wish he could do this, I hate scorpions. :P Yes, that adds to the list of things I hate, Snakes being #1! :P I guess we'll have to get the things we need to summon Brother Owl tomorrow.. The things pirates do. Well I guess that's what makes us pirates. :P See y'all around the Spiral!

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