October 22, 2013

What I think will happen in the Next Wizard101 World

Hello Wizards!

No the test realm wasn't released or anything, I just wanted to make a post about what I think will happen now until the next month. So many awesome bloggers are making posts about a guy on Central that's giving out information about new content being released every few dates when something is expected to be released. I read through some of his forum posts and I'm starting to believe him so I'll take his advice this time that a new world labeled 'KR' (Like DS for Dragonspyre) is going to be released. I have a feeling the test realm will be released soon but I have no idea when. Just about a year ago in a few days Azteca was released and it was unexpected. What if Kingsisle is planning on giving us a surprise world like they did with Azteca last year? Here's what I think will be released on the test realm SOON...

  • A Pet World or Spell World? I think the next world will be a kind of pet world where we can get our level 98 pets but another part of me is thinking we'll get level 98 spells instead since this world is a main world. Here's a throwback, with Wintertusk we got our level 58 pets, but then Avalon was released sometime later and we got our level 78 pets when questing through and utility spells that we got to train the world. I could be wrong about everything, KI might not follow the pattern they've followed the past few years and give us our level 98 spells. 
  • A World with New Gear, Level 100 Gear. Call me crazy but I think Kingsisle will release new gear for each and every school. In Dragonspyre all wizards that were level 50 got to farm Malistaire for their level 50 robes and they had different types gear such as a hats, robes and boots all for different schools. I miss these days and I hope to see Kingsisle adding something like this in the next world where we hopefully defeat Morganthe and farm her for our level 100 gear.
  • The End of Morganthe & New Enemy? I also think the next world we will finally get to defeat Morganthe, not young Morganthe.. This will be the last we see Morganthe, Maybe? Lets not forget about Malistaire showing up when we didn't expect to see him. Maybe Morganthe won't move on and will try to help the next enemy destroy the Spiral. I think the next enemy is going to be someone that we didn't expect to be evil. I have that feeling the myth teacher is up to something.. I guess we'll have to see, Kingsisle did say this next world would change the game forever..

Thank you for reading, I hope y'all enjoyed this post I wasn't expecting to make but decided to make it since I thought it would be a great idea to. What do you think will happen in the next Wizard101 world? Comment below and let me know. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks will happen. :) And to clarify, I didn't say the test realm was going to be released, I only think it'll be released soon. 

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Paige Dreamcloud said...

I honestly have NO idea what's coming next. Though I do like your idea about a new super villain and it being someone we didn't expect. Can't wait to see what DOES happen :) Thanks for the post!