October 26, 2013

Wizard101 Test Realm: Avalon and Azteca Difficulty Lowered!

Hello Wizards,

As many of you know, a new world was released on the test realm a few days ago and with the new world there were many other updates Kingsisle made to the game. One main one I'm glad to see is that Azteca's difficulty was lowered. This means when the Test Realm is released Avalon and Azteca won't be as difficult to level through as they are now on the live realm. I don't think Avalon needed a change since I think its pretty easy to get through but I guess since they lowered the difficulty on the world still it'll be a lot easier than it was before. I don't worry too much about Avalon but I am excited to see Azteca has changed and will be released on the live realm as soon as everyone is done testing and getting rid of all of those bugs on the Test Realm. I really can't believe it'll be a lot easier getting through Azteca and to the next world that  I'm not even going to try spelling! :D If you've had trouble in Azteca I don't think you will have much trouble soloing through Azteca, I really don't think you'll have much trouble anymore since Kingsisle has changed most (I haven't checked all enemies) of the enemies difficulty. Here's a few pictures I would like to show you of what exactly I'm talking about.

Three Points: Crazed Thunder Horns

Live Realm Azteca: 7-8 Starting Pips + 3,350 Health
Test Realm Azteca: 5-6 Starting Pips + 2,680 Health

Mangrove Marsh: Thunder Horn Ghoul

Live Realm Azteca: 7-8 Starting Pips + 3,550 Health
Test Realm Azteca: 5-6 Starting Pips + 2,840 Health

I didn't have time to go through each and every area to check out every enemy but I have a feeling each enemy that had a lot more health before now has less health and should they should be easier to defeat once the test realm is released to the live realm. Remember when Kingsisle changed Dragonspyre's difficulty? Well that's exactly what its going to be like with Azteca. Dragonspyre was a little difficult and Kingsisle changed the difficulty and the mob enemies were a lot easier to defeat. I don't know if they change the bosses or not but if they did, that's great. :) I only hope they cheat less. Remember, the Test Realm hasn't been released yet so that doesn't mean you can log on to the live game expecting Avalon and Azteca to be a lot easier today. We have to wait until the players test out the test realm and get rid of all of the bugs. Thanks for reading, I wish you fun in the Spiral.. Thank you Kingsisle!


ThatFrostweaver said...

YES! I can finally complete this world!

Edward Lifegem said...

Good luck! Yes, same here. I'm very excited about this since I have so many characters that have to go through Avalon and Azteca. I've been hearing bosses still have the same health and pips but at least we still have less of a challenge with the regular enemies.