November 27, 2013

I hate Snakes (Pt. 1)

Ahoy Pirates!

Here's a post I didn't think I would make the day before Thanksgiving... Lately I've been catching up on Edward Cringle by leveling through main quests again and on my last post I had to finish making a Headdress for Brother Owl, one of the guardians, by sinking 12 ships. Today I have a new quest... It has something to do with snakes, something I really don't like blogging about. :P

After I help Brother Owl, I had to talk to Raven Eyes to tell him the good news. After all of that, I finally leveled to 24! :D I'm glad there was good news because I had one huge piece of bad news.. I had to fight snakes.. I had to summon Sister Snake, another guardian, by defeating sky snakes to get a sky snake egg to summon her.. Have I told you how much I hate snakes?! Oh wait... I don't have to, its the title of the blog post! Okay... I should be positive. :) I didn't like this quest at all! :D 

Bonnie, I don't want to look at it! Lol now that I'm actually happy I've gotten through part one of my fear posts.. I'm sure most of you think I'm crazy but its one of my main fears. Snakes are... bleh! Anyways, Lets end this on a positive note, I hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving, I will make a post tomorrow but not an Edward Cringle post, that will be posted again on Friday.. You'll get to know more about this Sister Snake glowing eyes, nasty, BONNIE, I'm looking at it!!!

November 25, 2013

New Record!

Hi there,

This post is to label my 277th post and most posted year so far on Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem! I decided to make this post both a Wizard101 and Pirate101 post since I love both games and its kinda what I posted about on this blog this year... :P Thank you all for viewing my site, I'm excited and can't wait to break a new record next year! I still have many posts planned this month/rest of the year. I am Thankful and that's why I saved this post for today since it is the start of Thanksgiving week. This blog and you, the readers of this blog are one thing I'm thankful for! Thank you so much for reading Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week. I have a few Wizard101 and Pirate101 posts that I'm going to schedule out for you to read this week since I won't be here as much as I would like to. If you can't read them, that's fine! I hope you spend a lot of time with your family this week. See y'all around Spiral. :)

November 22, 2013

The 12 Ships!

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made an original Edward Cringle main quest post. I think I've been making about one post per month, but I plan on making a lot more in the coming days! On my last post, Brother Owl's First Quest, I had to summon Brother Owl for the Bison. Brother Owl gave me a quest to create a new Headress. I had to get Feathers from the Queen Hornet, which I did on my last post! The next thing I need to do is sink 12 Black Storm Raider ships to collect Headdress Beads.

It was a little difficult sinking the Black Storm Raider Ships at first since I didn't have the right equipment for my ship so I decided to buy a new horn from the crowns shop, the fire dragon. This help me to defeat the ships quicker than I was before but I had trouble in the end collecting the drops so I really ended up sinking about 15 ships! I'm happy I logged on to complete this quest because if I didn't, my character would be sitting in the same area having to still defeat 12 ships. Anyways, that was fun! The last thing I did that day was talk to Brother Owl and then Raven Eyes. :D

Thank you for reading everyone! I will have a few Edward Cringle posts this/next week and I hope to read them. I'll see you next time and good luck on your quests. Fair sailing and I hope to see you around the Spiral! :D  

November 21, 2013

Its A Bugs Life!

Hello Wizards!

Lately I've been questing with Autumn Dreamwalker and her Life Wizard with my Fire Wizard to/through thew new Wizard101 world, Khrysalis! On my last post we actually had to solo through a dungeon to find a key to access Khrysalis with help from the Council of Light. I stop blogging on my last blog post when we were about to access Khrysalis, today you can see how everything went when we finally made it there!

Clicking on Khrysalis the first time on the live realm!
Once we made it to Khrysalis we talk to a bug with a very long name but we had to solo a few bosses before we really had a chance to get started on the world. She wanted proof that we could help the Umbra Legend (I'm part of the Armada... duh), so we had to fight a few bosses including her in the end. We had a little bit of trouble, since the bosses were solo we both ended up dying on one of them. It did take awhile to complete but other than that, I'm happy the bosses didn't cheat like the ones in Azteca or I would have never made it through. :P I think Autumn could make it through since she's awesome! Here's a few pictures of me fighting the bosses, I can't include any pictures of Autumn's since I don't have access to her computer. LOL. :D

1st Boss- Had storm spiders when you walk in, and then more plus him after.
2nd Boss- The bug with the long name, had to prove to her we were strong.

We had to fight the 2nd boss bug since we let the first guy go. She thought we were weak but we had to prove her wrong and in the end, we did prove her wrong and did show her how strong we are. :D I am surprised KI had us solo this part of the world but I guess it really prepares us for what we should expect if we do solo this world. Its not that bad, by that bad I mean as bad as Azteca was before the difficulty was lowered. This post probably didn't make sense for me since I was on a different quest today but I hope it did for you. Thank you for reading today's post and I'll see you around the Spiral! Here's a sneak peek of the next post.. :D 

November 20, 2013


Ahoy Pirates!

I know, I need to start making more Edward Cringle posts.. Well... I have news for you.. First I'm done typing a lot of dots and the second thing is I have been leveling Edward Cringle again so that means I will have new posts soon. I also have this post today since I really wanted to give you an update of how everything is going. I'm doing fine and I'm back this week and blogging again. I will start scheduling posts for next week since I'm busy but until then I will start making posts again like I did in the Summer. :) Today I decided to complete side quests since I have been behind. I completed two side quests today.. One of them was a quest to defeat buffaloons for the shierff in Cooper's Roost and another was to defeat a chicken that stole something from another (don't ever steal because you will always get in trouble for what you've done if you do)! Anyways, I promise soon I will start making Edward Cringle posts and as always news update posts. I'll see y'all around the Spiral and as always, here's a few pictures I've took during my questing!

Harvest Hannah Arrives!

Hello Wizards,

I just wanted to make this short blog post to remind you that Harvest Hannah arrived today, November 20th 2013, and has arrived with Thanksgiving items! You can get your gear/weapons from Harvest Hannah in the Shopping District by the Fountain. Get your gear from her soon before this Thanksgiving month is over and Christmas arrives. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots of food, not too much food... just you know... :P Anyways, Thank You Kingsisle for celebrating the holidays on the game!!

November 17, 2013

Questing Again!

Hello Wizards,

Remember Edward Firegem? He's my fire wizard that I quested with Autumn Dreamwalker's Balance and here Life Wizard earlier this year. Well we started questing again since Khrysalis was released to the live realm a few days ago. I really haven't been this excited about questing through a new world before and I'm excited that I'm questing again with Autumn and her wizards through this new world!

We recently started questing our way to Khrysalis. We both had to enter a dungeon to create a key so we could access Khrysalis, Morganthe's home world. We actually had to solo so we couldn't help each other out. Autumn has two wizards that she's questing at the same time so that means she had to go in there the same time and talk to The Council of Light with both wizards at the same time. I feel bad for her but I'm glad I didn't have to do something like that. I remember questing on two wizards/accounts at one time, that was difficult! I'm getting ahead of myself.. Did I tell you we both got new spells when we started questing?! I already knew about these spells since I quested a little bit on the test realm. I'm happy we still get new spells to use during Part 1 of this world. We both made it through this dungeon, but I still want to show you a few epic pictures I have of my questing through this dungeon. :D

I know we didn't quest today but we eventually had a chance to quest. I will blog about that sometime tomorrow or the next day. It depends! I'm busy and won't be able to post as much, so I'm hoping I can post at least a few of our quests before I stop posting since I will run out of pictures for the posts. Thank you for reading and I'll see you around the Spiral! Let me leave you with this picture... :D

November 16, 2013

New Wizard101 Bundle: Hive Bundle

Hello Wizards,

You're probably wondering why I'm making another bundle post.. Well.. Kingsisle released another bundle called the Hive Bundle! This bundle can be bought at Gamestop for $39. I recently got one and I must say its pretty epic! I think all of you will enjoy this bundle. Good thing Christmas is just around the corner so everyone has a chance of getting one. :D Here's more information about this new Wizard101 Bundle:

If you can't read the writing above, this new bundle costs $39. It has the following items: Amber Estate House (pretty big house + dragonfly to fly outside around the house- see image above), Stinger Armor, Bee Wing Mount, Bumblebee Pet, Stinger Slingshot and a one month membership OR 5,000 Crowns. This bundle is pretty epic and I'm glad I can try it out myself. Remember to pick the right tier for your Stinger Armor and Stinger Slingshot weapon. Good luck and thank you for the awesome bundle KI. If you would like to see more of this bundle, click HERE

November 15, 2013

New Pirate101 Bundle: Empire Bundle

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle released a new Pirate101 Bundle called the Empire Bundle! This new bundle has plenty of great items such as a new Aquila House, New Ship, New Style Combat, Centaur Companion and much more! This new bundle can be bought at Gamestop for $39. I had a chance to try out this new bundle and I must say its pretty epic and I think you will enjoy this bundle. If you would like to learn more information about this new bundle just click the image below the video introducing the new bundle. :D

Khrysalis Part 1 to Launch Today!

Hello Wizards,

I just found out today from Frostcaller that Khrysalis will be released to the live realm today! Kingsisle did say 6:00 A.M. CST but I believe it'll be later since its a new world. Keep checking the log in screen to see if it has been released. I'm excited and can't wait to level again with Autumn Dreamwalker and her life wizard through this world. I will make posts of how we're doing on our quests while leveling. Since the world is launching today, you might not have time to prepare anymore but you can finish up those side quests and turn them in to help you level. Do all of your spell quests, level up your pets, put on your best gear and level through Khrysalis and lets stop Morganthe (we will next year with Part 2), so lets get ready to stop Morganthe by ruining her plans. Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do. Remember to ask if you can teleport before teleporting and ask before joining a battle before you do join a battle. We all know how that can be if you're just about done defeating an enemy and someone joins and POOF, another one enemy joins after you use all of your pips/strongest spell. :P Thank you for reading!

November 12, 2013

Thank you!

Hi there,

Lately I've been thinking about my blog, for many reasons that I won't mention. I've thought about all of the good times I've had on this blog and even bad times that I have learned from and I am trying to do better today than I did back in the day. I really would like to thank each and everyone of you reading this post for everything. Blogging is something I really do love doing and no one can say anything to make me upset or make me stop. I love this community and think y'all are great for reading my blog and each and every blog in the community. I have been in the community for awhile (still plan to be in the community quite sometime no matter how old I am) and can't wait to see how the community grows and of course the games also. I think the community makes the games even better if you think that's possible. I do. :) Anyways I really do thank you for everything and since this is the month for being Thankful I decided to change my background today also! :D I know not everyone is someone who likes this site so I ask you, if you don't like my site there are other great fansites, I don't want to get in your way or anything. I only want to do the thing I love doing and do it peacefully. No fights. :) Thank you all for everything even criticism, that helps me do what I love doing better that I did in the past!

November 11, 2013

Farming Waterworks!

Hello Wizards,

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the new world, Khrysalis, which I'm guessing should be released sometime this week or next week to the live realm. I am worried about gear since its really important to have the best talents during a new world release. I have no idea why I didn't think about this before Khrysalis was released but I am now and taking action! :P Today I farmed Waterworks with Autumn Dreamwalker and her myth wizard to try to get new gear. It was pretty fun farming on the game with Autumn again after being offline so long due to game error issues and being busy. After finishing the Waterworks Autumn ended up getting her myth robe on her myth wizard! I didn't really receive anything but I'm not giving up just yet, I'm going to keep trying to get gear for all of my wizards so I can be prepared for the next world. I know the next world isn't that difficult, at least what I've leveled through... That doesn't mean it won't be and that's why I'm preparing for the worse... LOL. Kidding. I know the next world is going to be a lot of fun! Autumn and I are planning on leveling our fire wizards again so I will have a few posts for that. I didn't get to make a post over Xibaibla (I have no idea how to spell that), so I will continue posting once we start questing again. I can't wait until Khrysalis is released. Make sure to prepare as much as you can before the next world is released so you don't have as much trouble questing through. You never know how much preparing will help you unless you try. See y'all around the Spiral! 

November 10, 2013

Being a Pirate101 Fansite Owner: One Year & Two Days Later!

Ahoy Pirates!

On November 8th, 2012 Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem became an Official Pirate101 Fansite! I feel like I'm still new at being a fansite owner even after one year and two days! :P Yeah... I miss out on making a post on the 8th since I was busy making three other posts but I'm still happy that this site has been a fansite that long. I'm really glad I submitted this site for Fansite because I have so many new friends on the game and new readers that still read my posts. :) Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to have another great year with lots of contests and awesome posts from  Edward Cringle questing posts to random posts that I love making (I'm hoping I make it to Aquila by this time next year), and I hope you all stay around and keep reading! :D I would also like to thank everyone at Kingsisle for making this a great year for us! Thank you One-Eyed Jack for accepting my Fansite Application last year, it really does mean a lot, even today. Thank you for reading my blog everyone and if y'all would like to read my Pirate101 Fansite post when I found out I was accepted just click HERE!

November 8, 2013

Pirate101 Sneak Peek #3

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle released another teaser today! If you haven't noticed KI released three main teasers, one on their main Pirate101 website and two others on their social sites. I can't wait to see what KI has planned for us. I am now thinking this is a side quest that has something to do with the Witchdoctor School. The third teaser takes place in the Witchdoctor School so, who knows... :D What do you think will happen? A side world or huge side quest for all pirates??

Veteran's Day Giveaway!

Hi there!

Kingsisle is celebrating Veteran's Day by giving away Poppy Wreathes in Wizard101 and Pirate101. From now until November 11th at 11:59 pm CST if you redeem the code "poppy" you can get your Poppy Wreath on both games(two for each game)! They are pretty epic so make sure you redeem your code as soon as possible before they aren't giving them away anymore. Look below for images of both Poppy Wreath items for both games and when you see the images just click on them for a link to redeem your code. If you redeem the code on your account and you have an account for both games it'll count for both games. Remember it has to be the same account that you're redeeming on for it to be the same account. :D Thank you everyone who has served this country!

Pirate101's Poppy Wreath

Wizard101's Poppy Wreath

Just Catching Up on Side Quests!

Hello Wizards,

Lately I've been finding side quests on the live realm of Wizard101 to prepare for the next main world, Khrysalis Part 1. I really haven't been doing anything else on Wizard101 so I think its great I complete all side quests that I haven't complete yet and not turn them in. How am I catching up? Well.. I'm saving experience from the side quests until the main world is released on the live realm. This means I can level soon. I have so many side quests I haven't complete on my fire wizard and think its a great idea I level through them now so I don't have to later when the world is released. :D Have you finished your side quests on the game? It might be a great idea to do that be a great idea to do that even if you're not at level cap. If you finish your side quests you have a chance of being a higher level than you are now, or if you're already level 90, you'll reach level 95 early once Khrysalis is released. Good luck leveling everyone! :)

November 6, 2013

Quest Finder (Wizard101 Test Realm)

Hello Wizards!

We all know Wizard101 has added a lot of great updates to the test realm, such as the new world KR of course, new minions, housing updates, etc. Kingsisle has just added a new update to the test realm today called Quest Finder. They added this for wizards that are having trouble finding which quest you need to do next. This finder points your arrow on the game to a quest near you. It starts in the area you're in and if there's not a quest it'll expand through the entire world you're in just to find a quest near you. If it doesn't find a quest in that world, that means you don't have any quests to complete there and you'll have to move to a different world to see if you have any quests there to complete. I think this addition to the game will be extremely helpful, kinda like mounts that make the game a lot easier (faster) to level through! I think this will help anyone that is having a quest to find and complete. Thank you KI for adding it! If y'all would like to learn more about this new feature on test the test realm, just click the image to the top-right! :D

November 5, 2013

New Pirate101 Teaser!

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101 recently released another epic teaser (see image below)! I guess I was wrong about a side quest.. at least I think I'm wrong?! I don't know if this is Ship PvP like Kelsey Fireheart suggested or just a side quest. I'm beginning to agree with Kelsey about Ship PvP. This image looks like it could be hinting at Ship PvP but it also looks like it could be a side quest. Look in the background, you see something holding a huge building up in the middle of the air! This is of course in Skull Island in Avery's Court and the Bird thing holding the building is closer to the wind lane. What do you this could mean? Just comment below if you have any ideas on what it could be. I really don't know and that's why I'm asking questions all the way through the post. :D (Don't forget to read my last Teaser Post/ November Newsletter).

What I think of Khrysalis Part 1

Hello Wizards!

Lately I've been thinking of this new world on the Test Realm.. The world I spent nearly five minutes trying to spell when typing the title of this post. :P Lately I haven't had a chance to level through the entire world of.. yeah.. but I did level a level and a half through the world. I really do like this new world, especially since its in two parts and everyone doesn't have to worry about another huge world and trying to level through fast to catch up. Okay, I might be the only one trying to catch up but this gives me plenty of time to catch up and finish the other worlds I didn't get to level through. Okay, enough talking about other worlds its time to talk about what I like and maybe don't like about this world...

KR Likes

  • Difficulty: This new world is fun so far.. When I first made it to this world I was worried it would be just like Azteca and I wouldn't like it at all (speaking of Azteca, they lowered the difficulty :D). I was wrong, this new world is pretty easy and the only reason I bought minions on the test realm was because I wanted to see Shadow Magic but I didn't have a chance since I was busy last week...
  • Enemies?: The enemies are different.. Wizards don't really work for evil enemies but we're pretending we're on their side when questing through this world. Its actually fun doing something we haven't really done on the game, at least through an entire world. I don't know how long we work for the enemies but I guess I'll see once I start questing again!
  • The World Itself: I love the design of the new world, its dark in the beginning and pretty cool at the end I believe.. There was an area that kind of remind me of Wonderland but I don't really remember. I could be way off. I really need to level through this world! Every time I think of this world I want to log on and level all day through the world! I think the world is EPIC! I also love the spell that we get, the fire one is shown above.. :D

KR Dislikes

  • Companions: You would think I would type companions in the like portion, even though I do like them only because they remind me of Pirate101. I don't like the idea that Wizard101 is kind of getting companions on the game.. I know you don't get to choose the powers for them but they are still a Pirate101 Only thing. Its great they are letting wizards test out companions but they will probably just stay on Wizard101 since they have them on there or think they are weak on Pirate101, which they're not. That's the main dislike I have about KR.
  • Shadow Magic: I remember when Critical was added to the game and I didn't really like that at first, at first meaning the first few hours until I started to understand it. I started understanding it after seeing others test it out.. Shadow Magic is different.. I don't like it. Its confusing and something I don't think I want to try. I know others have used it but its CONFUSING. You need to at least have a tutorial on the game for this Shadow Magic.. More like confusing magic. No wonder we're not supposed to use it. I still love KR even though this is one thing I don't like.
  • Morganthe: I'm sure everyone agrees with me on this... We're ready to defeat Morganthe. I can't wait until part 2 of this world. I'm ready to cast forest lord and send her to outer space with Malistaire so they don't bug us anymore. :P I had to come up with three for each so the last thing I don't like about KR is Morganthe? :D I mean... D: UGH I'm so upset... (I'm not upset). Thanks for reading everyone, what do you like or don't like about this world? Comment below! :D

November 4, 2013

I miss 101!

Hi there,

Want to know something that's been driving me crazy? If you do, keep reading! I haven't been on the games lately and its driving me crazy that I'm not. I don't know why I don't want to log onto the games but its kind of upsetting. I really think its because I think I'm going to be busy soon (I will by the end of the month) and won't be able to blog or anything. I've been trying to blog everyday even though I don't have anything game related to blog about today. Does this mean I'm going to quit Pirate101 and Wizard101? Well.... NO WAY!!! I've had times like these even when I first started the game but I always come back and play a lot more than I should :P I remember being offline a week and then coming back and playing Wizard101 12 hours.. I know.. that's crazy.. Well not as crazy when I complete Celestia on Wizard101 in a matter of a day on the test realm. Now there's wizards that complete a world in a day and it could be as tough as Azteca. I always wonder how that's even possible. I'm not someone that's on much lately since I get headaches when I play and that's why I usually try to stay offline a few days because I hate getting headaches. :P Lately I've been getting ready for the Holidays and being lazy watching Christmas movies... I promise I will log back online and start making leveling posts again. I haven't had any internal errors on Wizard101 and Pirate101 is just fine. I will start leveling Edward Cringle again and making lots of posts since its getting close to one year since I created him. :D Oh.. talking about one year.. Did you know in four days it will be one year since I became an official Pirate101 fansite?! I'm actually surprised, I still feel like a new fansite owner. I hope that's normal but I have a feeling I'll feel that way for awhile.. Until at least my 2nd year. LOL. Okay, looks like I should stop since I'm talking about a little bit of everything instead of the main reason I made this post. I will be back online soon since I know I'm not doing anything this week and will be bored and I miss the games. And to those on Twitter wondering why I haven't really tweeted lately... I recently had someone awesome follow me on Twitter and don't want to tweet them away LOL. I know... I'm crazy. :P Maybe a little bit random... Here I go talking about something else. Haha, I'll see y'all tomorrow or whenever. I'm going to try to make a blog post everyday until the end of the year.. No matter what! :D I hope you all had a great Monday x acts like its the new Friday x and I'll see y'all around the Spiral!

November 3, 2013

Balance or Death?

Hello Wizards,

Lately I've been thinking about switching one of my characters from my second account to my main account and switching one of my main characters to my second account. I'm planning on not leveling Edward Lifegem anymore... I'm kidding! I am really planning on switching my balance wizard, Edward Legendgem, over to my second account and my death wizard, Edward Deathgem, to my main account so I can start leveling him again. Its not really official yet, I really need help deciding if I should do this or not. I've been thinking about doing this for a few years since the death school is one of my favorite schools. I would need to farm for death gear again but that should be easy enough to do. I would also need to level my death wizard through Dragonspyre... Yes he's level 60 in Dragonspyre because of a dungeon in Celestia that kept giving experience awhile back and I kept going through just to level to level 60 since that was the highest level at the time. I made it to 60 while leveling through Mooshu. I leveled again a few years ago and finished Mooshu and just made it to Dragonspyre and he's stuck there since I don't have a membership on that account and haven't in years. I really want to level him again even if that means switching one of my characters that I really don't want to level over to my main account. I would like to level through Dragonspyre again so I think its a great idea I do that.. Who knows I might do that today-tomorrow, just need help picking yes or no. I know a lot of balance wizards would say that's a bad mistake but I really don't want to level my balance wizard since its not fun and takes too long for me. Lol no offense to balance wizards! So if you have any advice for me, please comment below today. I would love to hear what you think about this and what you think my decision should be. :D Thanks for reading!

November 2, 2013

November 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates,

Its November, one step closer to the Holidays, and Pirate101 has released their 11th Newsletter this year. In this month's newsletter Kingsisle hinted at new content being released in the 2nd year of Pirate101 which makes me wonder why they hinted at it this month and not last month or December. :D I have that feeling Kingsisle will release something new but I guess we'll have to see when they finally release new content. Here's a few other things KI added to their Newsletter..

New World, Side World, Or Quest? Completely Barmy! 

“The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”

That's what Bonnie said on the Dialog to the Santa looking Pirate guy above. This makes me wonder if its a side world type of quest, side area in Skull Island that we haven't had a chance to visit or just a quest for everyone to enjoy. I have that feeling its a new quest that everyone can enjoy at all levels according to the Bonnie Anne picture above. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. We'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks. Kingsisle has said they'll release more screenshots and information in the next couple of weeks on their social media channels. I'm very excited now, can't wait to see what KI has planned for us!

Rogue's Gallery: Ol Fish Eye 

I couldn't find the YouTube video when searching through Blogger so you'll have to click on Ol' Fish Eye above to view the YouTube video about Ol Fish Eye. I love Rogue's Gallery, I'm glad we can learn more about one of the NPC's on Pirate101 each month. :D Once again if you'd like to view the video about Ol' Fish Eye just click the video above. If you'd like to read more of the Pirate101 Newsletter just click HERE. I'll post the next newsletter and more about what I think about it next month during... THE CHRISTMAS MONTH!