November 3, 2013

Balance or Death?

Hello Wizards,

Lately I've been thinking about switching one of my characters from my second account to my main account and switching one of my main characters to my second account. I'm planning on not leveling Edward Lifegem anymore... I'm kidding! I am really planning on switching my balance wizard, Edward Legendgem, over to my second account and my death wizard, Edward Deathgem, to my main account so I can start leveling him again. Its not really official yet, I really need help deciding if I should do this or not. I've been thinking about doing this for a few years since the death school is one of my favorite schools. I would need to farm for death gear again but that should be easy enough to do. I would also need to level my death wizard through Dragonspyre... Yes he's level 60 in Dragonspyre because of a dungeon in Celestia that kept giving experience awhile back and I kept going through just to level to level 60 since that was the highest level at the time. I made it to 60 while leveling through Mooshu. I leveled again a few years ago and finished Mooshu and just made it to Dragonspyre and he's stuck there since I don't have a membership on that account and haven't in years. I really want to level him again even if that means switching one of my characters that I really don't want to level over to my main account. I would like to level through Dragonspyre again so I think its a great idea I do that.. Who knows I might do that today-tomorrow, just need help picking yes or no. I know a lot of balance wizards would say that's a bad mistake but I really don't want to level my balance wizard since its not fun and takes too long for me. Lol no offense to balance wizards! So if you have any advice for me, please comment below today. I would love to hear what you think about this and what you think my decision should be. :D Thanks for reading!


ThatFrostweaver said...

Woah, when can we switch wizards?

Edward Lifegem said...

I was going to transfer characters but found out you have to have a year membership on both accounts you are transferring to and from. I found out from the Official Messages Boards. Click on this link for more information:

Ernis said...

Nah, I'd leave it like it is! Why bother switching characters from one account to another, when for that money/sub(s) you can level all characters on both accounts to level 95(?) in a short amount of time!