November 10, 2013

Being a Pirate101 Fansite Owner: One Year & Two Days Later!

Ahoy Pirates!

On November 8th, 2012 Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem became an Official Pirate101 Fansite! I feel like I'm still new at being a fansite owner even after one year and two days! :P Yeah... I miss out on making a post on the 8th since I was busy making three other posts but I'm still happy that this site has been a fansite that long. I'm really glad I submitted this site for Fansite because I have so many new friends on the game and new readers that still read my posts. :) Thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to have another great year with lots of contests and awesome posts from  Edward Cringle questing posts to random posts that I love making (I'm hoping I make it to Aquila by this time next year), and I hope you all stay around and keep reading! :D I would also like to thank everyone at Kingsisle for making this a great year for us! Thank you One-Eyed Jack for accepting my Fansite Application last year, it really does mean a lot, even today. Thank you for reading my blog everyone and if y'all would like to read my Pirate101 Fansite post when I found out I was accepted just click HERE!


Unknown said...

Although you didn't deserve it. And you don't do anything that shows you are a true fansite owner.
And I'm not being a troll, I'm saying truth.

Unknown said...

LOL, excuse me? Yes, you ARE being a troll. Don't say you're not until you have evidence you support your opinion. And if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Also, don't say he doesn't deserve it if you can't do any better.

Edward Lifegem said...

I will accept your comment. Considering you type my blog address and went to my site shows that you have taken time to view my site. Thank you. :D I have to tell you that I am a true fansite owner, anyone that has been blogging and enjoys blogging is even if they're not listed as it. Dedication. That's the main thing you need as a fansite owner and I have been blogging nearly four years, longer than quite a few people have been in the community and longer than I thought I would be blogging. I really enjoy blogging and I know there are great people out there that love my blog and even if you don't like my blog that doesn't mean I won't stop blogging or I won't be a fansite owner. I'm sorry you feel that way about me, but you shouldn't comment on a blog if you don't like it.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I honestly don't understand why you would take the time to visit a site that you don't like, let alone comment on it. I think that your comment may possibly come from jealousy. Edward is an amazing member of this community and an extremely dedicated, talented blogger. And I know for a fact that at least 350+ other people agree with me.

It's okay to leave constructive criticism on peoples' blogs, however, your comment does not fall under that category. You're just trolling and you should get a new hobby.

To Edward - Your site is incredible! Keep up the great work, and keep being amazingly FAMOUS! :D

Unknown said...
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John said...

Congrats Edward, it really is well deserved!