November 21, 2013

Its A Bugs Life!

Hello Wizards!

Lately I've been questing with Autumn Dreamwalker and her Life Wizard with my Fire Wizard to/through thew new Wizard101 world, Khrysalis! On my last post we actually had to solo through a dungeon to find a key to access Khrysalis with help from the Council of Light. I stop blogging on my last blog post when we were about to access Khrysalis, today you can see how everything went when we finally made it there!

Clicking on Khrysalis the first time on the live realm!
Once we made it to Khrysalis we talk to a bug with a very long name but we had to solo a few bosses before we really had a chance to get started on the world. She wanted proof that we could help the Umbra Legend (I'm part of the Armada... duh), so we had to fight a few bosses including her in the end. We had a little bit of trouble, since the bosses were solo we both ended up dying on one of them. It did take awhile to complete but other than that, I'm happy the bosses didn't cheat like the ones in Azteca or I would have never made it through. :P I think Autumn could make it through since she's awesome! Here's a few pictures of me fighting the bosses, I can't include any pictures of Autumn's since I don't have access to her computer. LOL. :D

1st Boss- Had storm spiders when you walk in, and then more plus him after.
2nd Boss- The bug with the long name, had to prove to her we were strong.

We had to fight the 2nd boss bug since we let the first guy go. She thought we were weak but we had to prove her wrong and in the end, we did prove her wrong and did show her how strong we are. :D I am surprised KI had us solo this part of the world but I guess it really prepares us for what we should expect if we do solo this world. Its not that bad, by that bad I mean as bad as Azteca was before the difficulty was lowered. This post probably didn't make sense for me since I was on a different quest today but I hope it did for you. Thank you for reading today's post and I'll see you around the Spiral! Here's a sneak peek of the next post.. :D 

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