November 8, 2013

Just Catching Up on Side Quests!

Hello Wizards,

Lately I've been finding side quests on the live realm of Wizard101 to prepare for the next main world, Khrysalis Part 1. I really haven't been doing anything else on Wizard101 so I think its great I complete all side quests that I haven't complete yet and not turn them in. How am I catching up? Well.. I'm saving experience from the side quests until the main world is released on the live realm. This means I can level soon. I have so many side quests I haven't complete on my fire wizard and think its a great idea I level through them now so I don't have to later when the world is released. :D Have you finished your side quests on the game? It might be a great idea to do that be a great idea to do that even if you're not at level cap. If you finish your side quests you have a chance of being a higher level than you are now, or if you're already level 90, you'll reach level 95 early once Khrysalis is released. Good luck leveling everyone! :)


ThatFrostweaver said...

I haven't done them sense I finished Dragonspyre but I am ready to do them all when Khrysalis is released (and when I get membership) so I can get a advantage in Azteca even though it will become easy I will still be ready for those solo battles in Khrysalis.

Edward Lifegem said...

Wow its been awhile! I hope you do get a membership soon. You could level up a few levels with all of your side quests. :) Good luck!!