November 15, 2013

Khrysalis Part 1 to Launch Today!

Hello Wizards,

I just found out today from Frostcaller that Khrysalis will be released to the live realm today! Kingsisle did say 6:00 A.M. CST but I believe it'll be later since its a new world. Keep checking the log in screen to see if it has been released. I'm excited and can't wait to level again with Autumn Dreamwalker and her life wizard through this world. I will make posts of how we're doing on our quests while leveling. Since the world is launching today, you might not have time to prepare anymore but you can finish up those side quests and turn them in to help you level. Do all of your spell quests, level up your pets, put on your best gear and level through Khrysalis and lets stop Morganthe (we will next year with Part 2), so lets get ready to stop Morganthe by ruining her plans. Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do. Remember to ask if you can teleport before teleporting and ask before joining a battle before you do join a battle. We all know how that can be if you're just about done defeating an enemy and someone joins and POOF, another one enemy joins after you use all of your pips/strongest spell. :P Thank you for reading!

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